Television Tourniquet: ‘True Blood' 2.11


True Blood Episode 2.11
Written By: Alan Ball
Directed By: Daniel Minahan
Original Airdate: 30 August 2009

In This Episode…

Bill visits the Vampire Queen, looking for her help to quash Maryann.  The queen, a jovial sort, would rather feast on cabana boys, make bawdy comments about the days when sex was better, and play Yahtzee.  She finally gives up the details on Maenads.  Without getting too philosophical, maenads are waiting for "the god who comes," and despite the fact that a maenad has "evolved" into immortality by simply believing themselves to be so, the maenad hopes to find the perfect vessel to sacrifice and summon forth Dionysus, so the god can ravage her into true death.  Ummmm…. yeah.  Oh, and they prefer a supernatural vessel, but one with a beating heart.

Tara is determined to go back for Eggs, but Mrs. Thornton, Lafayette, and Sookie are all standing in the way.  Lafayette handcuffs her to a massive table then goes outside with a gun and Sookie to stand guard.  Tara begs and pleads with her mom to let her go.  She eventually gives in, and tricks Lafayette to handing over the shotgun.  Once she has it, she fires a warning shot into the air, which triggers Lafayette's PTSD.  He freaks and cowers behind a porch chair.  Sookie gives in, and uncuffs Tara.  Tara takes off, and Sookie smashes Mrs. Thornton with a knick-knack.  Lafayette grabs the gun and the two of them head out to the Stackhouse abode.

Once there, Sookie and Lafayette are accosted by Arlene and Terry.  Lafayette distracts them with pills while Sookie goes in to find Tara.  Lafayette is confronted by Maryann and Karl.  When he shoots Maryann, she deflects the bullet with her hand.  It ricochets into Karl's skull.  Amidst a handful of other bug-nutty townsfolk, Sookie finds Tara and Eggs, smashing up Gran's room.  They are building a nest, in the middle of the bed.  A nest which holds a very, very large egg.  Lafayette enters… but he is infected, too.

Also: Furious for fanging his momma, Hoyt has a huge fight with Jessica and takes his mom out of there.  Later on, momma – still infected – says some horrible things about Hoyt and his dad, including the fact that his dad killed himself – Hoyt had been told he died while protecting his family from a burglar.  Sam goes to Eric to beg for his help against Maryann.  Jason and Andy stock up on weapons and prepare for the "armageddon."

Important fact: We do find out that it was Tara who accidentally summoned Maryann at the end of last season, when she took her mom to that exorcism.  Remember that vision of herself as a young girl that she slayed?  Apparently that was Maryann.

Dig It or Bury It?

I am hoping that the show is saving up all its good stuff for the season finale, because this episode… well, it was dull.  All talk, no action.  No violence.  No sex.  Not even much in the way of secrets revealed, or pertinent information divulged.  The high point of the episode was Evan Rachel Wood as the Vampire Queen.  While her performance was not her best, she looked beyond gorgeous, decked out like a 1920s starlet in an opulent gold-and-marble pool house.  She was bubbly and irreverent and delightful.  But the rest of the episode just dragged on.

Ass Factor

Aside from the flat, saggy ass of an overweight man, this episode was without nudity.  Bill does come in on the Vampire Queen sucking the blood from the thighs of a supple young lass, which was one of the hottest scenes ever in this show, so that more than made up for it.

Biting Humor

Jason, now knowing that Sam is a shape shifter, was waxing poetic about Sam's condition.  Among them were, "When he was a dog, do you think he ever fucked another dog?" and "If he changed into a chicken and laid an egg, could he later eat that egg when he went back to human form?"  Bonus funny: when Lafayette tells Sookie to handcuff Tara with the cuffs in his pocket.  The cuffs are furry and purple.

Blood Count

A bit.  The Vampire Queen sucked off her young prey; Jessica sucked off Hoyt's momma; one of the crazy revelers cut off a finger.