Television Tourniquet: 'Dexter' Episode 4.12


Dexter Episode 4.12
The Getaway
Story By: Scott Reynolds & Melissa Rosenberg
Teleplay By: Wendy West & Melissa Rosenberg
Directed By: Steve Shill
Original Airdate: 13 December 2009

In This Episode...
We pick up exactly where we left off last week, with Arthur confronting Dexter at the office.  Dexter follows Arthur and engages him in a high-speed chase, side swiping a guy in the process.  Arthur pulls in to the bank, and Dexter lays in wait.  When Arthur returns, having just cleared out all his accounts, Dexter hits him with the tranquilizer.  As Dexter hides Arthur away in his van, the guy who Dexter hit has tracked him down and brought the sheriff with him.   Dexter tries talking his way out of the mess, but gives in to frustration, which leads to his arrest.

The sheriff releases Dex to Rita, who drops him back at the bank to get his car.  Arthur’s van is there, but Arthur is gone.  Arthur went to his house and violently bullied whatever money and valuables he could out of his family, then picks up his Mustang at the shop and heads for the hills.  Dexter sabotages the Mustang, and when Arthur breaks down on the road late at night (in the same place that Dex had his own accident), Dexter attacks him.  The kill room is the basement that Arthur took his last kidnap victim to.  With relish, Dexter bludgeons him with the wrong side of a hammer.

Deb does a little more digging on Harry’s CIs/girlfriends and finds the truth about Dexter’s biological family.  She is heinously upset over this, and when she confronts Dexter about it, his world spins out of control.  But Deb doesn’t know that Dexter remembered his past, or that he had a Dark Passenger.  She is just worried about whether or not to tell him, but he deserves to know the truth.  It’s a very emotional scene, with Dexter feeling guilty that the Ice Truck Killer got to Deb because of him, and Deb swearing that Dex is the most important thing in her entire life, that she would not be where she is without him.

All the pieces of the Trinity case are falling into place.  First, they discover new victims and murder sites based off Christine’s postcards.  They put together the kidnapped boys piece of the puzzle.  They eliminate Beaudry as a suspect.  The real break comes when Deb interviews the local kidnapped boy again, and he remembers the logo on the van that abducted him – the 4 Walls logo.  From there, it was no hard task for the unit to figure out Arthur is suspect numero uno.  Of course, they will never find him.

Rita is upset by Dexter’s arrest, but not in the same way she was when Paul was arrested – this time, she worries that Dexter won’t come back to her.  They have a really heartfelt talk – the most emotional and honest conversation they ever had – and decide to take a honeymoon weekend while the older kids are with their grandparents.  Rita and Harrison leave early Friday morning, with Dexter promising to meet them in the Florida Keys after work.

Dexter is in a good place.  He has killed and disposed of Arthur.  His sister and his wife both need him – he has made their lives better.  He is determined to kick the Dark Passenger.  He stops home to pick up his luggage and gets a voice mail from Rita, letting him know she forgot her ID and had to run home and take a later flight.  Dexter calls her, but her cell phone and purse are on the kitchen counter.  He hears crying.  Harrison is sitting on the bathroom floor, wailing, and in a pool of blood.  His mother’s blood.  Rita is the last victim of Trinity, bled out in the bathtub.  Doomed to follow in Dexter’s footsteps, Harrison is born out of blood.

Dig It or Bury It?
You knew what was coming.  It was the only, logical, shocking conclusion.  Someone in Dexter’s family had to die.  And it is generally considered a faux pas to kill kids on TV or in movies.  That left Rita.  You knew it was coming.  And yet it was still one of those catch-your-breath-and-wait-in-silence moments.  Maybe it was because you knew it was coming that it had such an emotional punch. 

Or maybe it was simply because I just didn’t want Rita to die (maybe in season two I did, but not now).  In any case, is was a very emotional episode.  I’m a cold-hearted bitch, and this episode made me tear up a bit.  Dexter was so close to freedom from his Dark Passenger. 

In a way, I was kind of right when I said that Trinity would be back.  Sure, he’s dead, but Dexter will never be free of him now.

Flashback to the Future
Harry’s purpose this episode was to convince Dexter that he needed to leave Rita and the kids in order to save them.  When the cops swarm the Mitchell home looking for Arthur, and instead take his hysterical family into custody, Harry shows Dex what will happen to his family when the same fate befalls him. 

When Dexter is jail, Harry appears to ask his son why he is there.  Dexter blames it on Arthur, but it is Dexter’s fault – he has lost sight of the code.  And why did he lose sight of the code?  Because his family blinded him to it.  It is then that Dexter decides that once he kills Trinity (because he is adamant that he be the one to kill Arthur), that’s it, he is shaking that monkey from his back.

Here a fuck, there a fuck, but nothing spectacular.

Body Bags
When the cops dig up one of Trinity’s old disposal sites, Masuka discovers the hideous corpse of a 10-year-old, twisted in an agonizing position, partially mummified and well into decay.  Then we have Arthur himself, finally killed by Dexter.  We see nothing but the hammer being raised, but Arthur seems to be at peace.

Then, of course, there is Rita, dead in the bathtub, water opaque with her own blood.  Again, you knew it was coming, but it doesn’t make it any less sad.

It’s going to be a very, very long wait until the next season – likely to begin Fall 2010.