Television Tourniquet: 'Dexter' Episode 4.2


"Remains to be Seen"
Written By: Charles H. Eglee
Directed By: Brian Kirk
Original Airdate: 4 October 2009

In This Episode…

Dexter, having just flipped his car after falling asleep behind the wheel, is pulled to safety by EMTs.  He is in a panic: Benny Gomez's body was in the car.  When Rita picks him up at the hospital, he doesn't tell her about his concussion, and insists it was a mere fender-bender – anything to free him up to go retrieve his victim.

Dex can't catch a break.  His concussion has left him with low-grade amnesia and he can't find the body.  It wasn't in his car (though he did find his kill tools), it hadn't been thrown out of the car on impact, and the boxing ring he turned into a kill room had been cleaned up.  On top of that, he is being constantly cock-blocked when he tries to take a few minutes for himself to find the corpse.  Lundy wants Dexter's advice on the Trinity Killer; Dexter has to work a crime scene; Laguerta is making her staff work a double shift.

Sleep deprived, stressed out, and concussed, Dexter is downing enough caffeine to make a speed freak queasy.  He returns to the scene of his crime, determined to find Gomez's body.  He notices a drop of blood in the boxing ring – one that he eradicated on his last sweep of the arena.  It finally dawns on him: Dexter stuffed Benny Gomez's body into a punching bag and hoisted it to the rafters to hide it until he could properly dispose of it.

Trinity is stalking his newest victim, a pretty brunette mom.  He takes his time, watching her buy her kid ice cream on the pier and play with a dog at an adoption.  First contact is made when he walks his dog, Checkers, in her neighborhood late at night, and helps her walk home with her groceries.  Now that he knows where she lives, he lets "Checkers" off the leash and tells him to go back to wherever he came from.

Elsewhere, Deb feels awkward with Lundy back in town, and she is obviously not over him.  Batista and Laguerta's secret romance hits a pothole when she takes him off a case and he takes it personally.  Quinn finds a huge stack of money at a crime scene and pockets some of it – then tries to buddy up with Dexter when he realizes Dex saw him (meanwhile, Dexter doesn't care).  Rita is beside herself when she discovers the true extent of Dexter's accident. 

Dig It or Bury It?

Dexter's mania in this episode was contagious.  I myself felt frustrated and exhausted right along with him.  It was satisfyingly maddening in that there was a resolution to the immediate problem (where is the body?) though the long-term problems have only just begun (Dexter is in bed for the first time in over 24 hours when Harrison starts crying).  I thought John Lithgow was extremely underused in this episode.  I know they are building him up over the season, and I know that studying a potential victim is an integral part to a serial killer's plan – Dexter taught me that – but it got a bit tedious.  Well, until Trinity made contact with his next victim, and then there is that tense moment of, "Will she figure it out in time?"  Minor bummer of the episode: Deb kept her tongue in check and Masuka was not nearly as horny as he usually is.

Flashback to the Future

Harry was all over this episode – and looking more glowy than he has in previous seasons.  Like Dexter's subconscious, he walked his son through all the steps of remembering where he had left his body.  While not said in so many words, the gist of what he was telling Dexter was, "I raised you better than this.  You need to put your toys away when you are done with them."  Fun trivia for the week: Dexter's police database password is "Harry."


This episode was practically PG-13 as far as language goes.  But props to Astor for finally making it to this section of the column by calling her brother a "butt rest."

Body Bags

Benny Gomez's body was, in fact, found in a bag: a punching bag.  There was also a shooting in the parallel investigation – the Vacation Murders, in which tourists are murdered and robbed.  Honestly, it was unspectacular and tertiary to everything else going on.


Dexter is going to have to cool it on the killings, at least for a little bit.  It damn near killed him, in more than one way.