Television Tourniquet: 'Dexter' Episode 4.4


Dexter Episode 4.4
Dex Takes A Holiday
Written By: Melissa Rosenberg & Wendy West
Directed By: John Dahl
Original Airdate: 18 October 2009

In This Episode...
Rita takes the kids to a family wedding, leaving Dexter home alone for 72 glorious hours. Dexter plans on spending his free time sipping fine whiskey and building a ship in a bottle.  Duh, he’s hunting again.  This time, his focus is on police officer Zoe Krueger, who recently lost her husband and daughter when a gang banger broke into her house for retribution, shot her family dead, and caught her twice before she killed him in self defense.  At least, that is the official story.  Many in the department find the whole scenario suspicious – Dexter included.

Following the forensics, Dexter finds proof that Zoe killed her own family.  The blood splatter doesn’t support her version of the events, and after a careful study of her home during an open house, he finds a bit of glove caked in blood in her garbage disposal.  The cat-and-mouse chase begins, with Zoe trying to intimidate Dexter into giving up his investigation – but not knowing the extent to which Dexter is investigating her.

Lundy is checking out a business park when Trinity comes out of one of the buildings and sees him.  He panics, realizing he has been caught.  He bumps into Lundy, seemingly on purpose, but appears flustered and scared when Lundy returns to him his dropped keys.  Trinity quickly hops on a bus, and Lundy, ever vigilant, records the bus info and a full description of the strange man.

Lundy finally admits to Deb that he has very strong feelings for her still.  This pisses off Deb, who eventually gives in and admits her feelings for her.  She visits his apartment for a romantic tryst.  Afterwards, Lundy walks Deb to her car, at once pleased to be back with him and feeling bad for not having ended it with Anton first.  Lundy promises they will set it right, but before they can, they are both gunned down.

Elsewhere, Batista and Laguerta separately confide in Dexter about their relationship.  Quinn, furious that Christine leaked their pillow talk to the newspapers, breaks it off with her.

Dig It or Bury It?
You know it is a good episode when you realize that it will be another week before the next episode airs, and you feel panicked.  Man, this was a good episode.  Lundy being shot was totally obvious – the moment Trinity spotted him, you knew he was a dead man.  Deb is a little less obvious, yet not wholly surprising.  

It was so good to watch Dexter hunt again – it has been way too long.  There is some great interaction between Zoe and Dexter, and the kill becomes very poignant (read on to see why).  As much as the family aspect offers a nice counterpoint to Dexter’s dark side, it was nice having the family gone.  We got that good old Dexter back.

Flashback to the Future
Harry psychoanalyzes Dexter about his choice in victim.  He chose someone who was suffocated by domesticity.  But with Dexter back at his apartment, admiring his trophy from his kill, Harry has softened, and remarks that he is glad that he didn’t raise a loner – though maybe he should have.

Trinity is hanging out in the alley behind a pub, and shouts all sorts of obscenities at a muscled drunk who stumbles out: "Cunt!" "Faggot!" "Pussy!"  He is baiting this guy into kicking his ass so that when Trinity later kills the guy, it will be "his fault."  Later on, as she is leaving Lundy’s apartment, Deb wins the award for Most Uses of “Fuckwad” in a single minute: six.

Body Bags
The hunt this episode was like a beautifully choreographed dance.  Zoe is a tough target: she is well protected, well armed, well aware of her surroundings.   Dexter lets her come to him: he lays in wait in his darkened home, waiting for Zoe to break in.  She just doesn’t know what she is in for.  Dex turns her daughter’s bedroom – where Zoe shot her dead – into the kill room.  She tells Dexter that he will go the same direction that she did – eventually he would choose his secret over his family’s safety.  Infuriated by the thought, he swears that he would rather his family find out than lose them.  This realization is a turning point to Dexter – who then proceeds to stab his prey.

Lundy is definitely dead; Deb is definitely not. I have not decided yet whether this close call will cause Trinity to be more careful, or (more likely) if it will push him into a psychotic break.   Dexter will be a little more sated in his domestic life, but that will wear off.