Television Tourniquet: 'Dexter' Episode 4.5



"Dirty Harry"
Written by: Tim Schlattmann
Directed by: Keith Gordon
Original Airdate: 25 October 2009


In This Episode…

Miami PD is just cleaning up the Lundy/Deb crime scene. Dexter arrives in an utter panic, but Deb is alive.  The shooting was made to look like the Vacation Killer's handiwork, but Dexter knows it was Trinity.  Deb's gunshot wound was minor; she didn't even need surgery.  However, Lundy is very dead, and Deb is overwrought with guilt and grief.  She tells Anton about their affair, and while he is willing to work things through with her, she isn't.  Once she's released from the hospital, Deb stays with Rita and Dexter for a few days.

Dexter has all sorts of problems of his own.  Rita finds out that Dexter kept his old apartment, and is beyond hurt.  After putting her off for days, he finds her in the apartment, and finally tells her that the reason he kept it was to keep Harry's guns in a place away from the kids.  Rita isn't buying it, and tells Dex to stay there that night.

Dexter doesn't have time for a spousal squabble – he has a serial killer to wipe out.  He scoops up Lundy's files and notes and dictation – anything he can find related to Trinity.  He finds the pattern, knows where he will strike.  But what he doesn't know is what to look for.  Fibbing his way into evidence lockup, Dex finds Lundy's most recent dictation – the one in which he describes Trinity – in Lundy's bloodied coat pocket.  Bingo.

Meanwhile, Trinity is getting to know his next prey, having a security guard take him around an office building he's thinking of renting.  Dexter, having staked out the building the night prior, immediately figures out who the victim is when he does not see the security guard at his post.  Bursting in with a rage we haven't seen in Dexter, he grinds to a halt when the security guard gets off the elevator.  Then who is Trinity killing?  Baiting the guard into getting back into the elevator, Dex sneaks to the desk and searches the security monitors – there he is.  Trinity was bashing in the skull of the building sandwich guy.

With a visual on Trinity, Dexter races outside, desperate to catch the killer.  He sees Trinity get into a sketchy-looking van, and Dexter follows him.  There is a lengthy cat-and-mouse, and Dexter is surprised – and concerned – when Trinity pulls up to a nice, middle-class suburban house.  Not unlike the one Dexter lives in.  Trinity has a perfect nuclear family.  Dexter is in shock.

Elsewhere: the suspected Vacation Killer was caught, kind of.  Batista planted a fake news article about Johnny Rose having syphilis, which sent his crazy girlfriend into a rage.  She killed him, and the cops cornered her in an alley.  Quinn hooks back up with Christy, the reporter, after she ran the fake syphilis story for Batista.  Laguerta, trying to follow protocol, alerts her boss to her and Batista's relationship, which pisses off Batista – and will piss him off even more when he finds out Laguerta is being forced to transfer him to another division.

Dig It or Bury It?

I laughed, I cried, I hurled… well, I laughed and cried.  Deb is in a really bad place – like, suicidally bad.  Dexter can't keep his marriage together, although I sense that seeing Trinity with his perfect family as well as a prolific killing career will make Dexter see that he really can have it all.  The final act of this episode – with Dexter hunting Trinity – was ridiculously engaging.  This truly is the best season of Dexter so far.

Flashback to the Future

Harry is all over this episode.  He is the physical manifestation of Dexter's rage at Trinity.  Never before has Harry advocated a murder as much as he has for Trinity.  Harry reminds Dexter that Trinity spilled his blood when he shot Deb.  For the first time, Harry is nearly out of control with his anger.  This could go very, very badly for Dexter.


Despite the fact that Deb is in bone-rattling pain, she refuses to take her pain meds as a sort of punishment.  Apparently that punishment also extends to cursing, because other than a few "what the fucks" she is pretty much mum.

Body Bags

Lundy, of course, was DOA at the start of this episode.  Johnny Rose was shot to death by his strung out, crazy girlfriend.  Trinity takes a life this week, too, with the brutal bludgeoning of the sandwich man.  As he is hammering the man's skull in, Trinity (in a near-complete hazmat suit) tells his victim it was his fault, that he made him do this.  Is it too obvious a solution to suggest that Trinity is reenacting a childhood trauma: the first victim a sister, who killed herself in the tub, the second his mother, who jumped to her death, and the third, what Trinity wishes he could have done to an abusive father.  Maybe I've been watching too much Criminal Minds


Dexter seems to befriend Trinity next week.  It would make sense, like he's trying to find a mentor.  But that always ends badly, and is in danger of becoming a rehashing of last season's Miguel Prado storyline.  Dexter and Rita also go into couple's counseling, which is good – at least they're trying to work through things.  I'm rooting for you Dexter.  I believe you can have it all!