Television Tourniquet: 'Dexter' Episode 4.7


Dexter Episode 4.7
Slack Tide
Written By: Scott Buck
Directed By: Tim Hunter
Original Airdate: 8 November 2009

In This Episode…
Seeking more guidance from his unwitting mentor, Dexter 'bumps into' Arthur/Trinity at the hardware store and wrangles an invite for a little adventure the next morning.  Two serial killers go into the forest... nope, not a joke, they really do.  They are there to cut down a tree – Arthur doesn’t like the lumber at the hardware store.  Arthur has trouble starting the chainsaw, and he obviously feels emasculated when Dexter starts it up and saws down the tree in seconds flat.  The mood changes, and Arthur turns hostile towards Dexter – until he hits a deer as they are driving home. 

Arthur is beside himself with guilt and remorse.  The deer is not dead, and Dexter insists that he put the deer out of his misery.  To Dexter’s shock, Arthur can't do it – he cries until Dexter kills the deer.

The dismembered arm of a 19-year-old model is found in the Everglades and all evidence points to her photographer, Jonathan Farrow.  The douche bag fashion photographer is known for violent and distressing imagery (even Dexter finds it disturbing).  Farrow was arrested several years ago for rape, but the charges were dropped, and three of his models – all illegal immigrants – went missing in the last year.  He moves to the top of Dexter's hit list after he makes a pass at Deb in the interrogation room.

Quinn, suspicious of Dexter after finding out that he never got rid of his old apartment (which Deb has moved into), starts keeping close tabs on him.  He follows Dexter into a club that Dex stalked Farrow to.  Kill is off for the night, but Dexter manages to give Quinn the slip.  The kill is back on for the next night. 

Dexter, co-chaperoning a camping trip with Cody and his friends, realizes that when everyone is asleep by 9pm, he has plenty of time to complete the Farrow kill.  But Monday morning when he rolls in to the office, Farrow’s assistant is there – in cuffs.  Batista tells him they arrested him that morning – they had video and DNA evidence that the assistant was the killer.  Dexter has had the air knocked out of him – he killed an innocent man.

Also: Laguerta gives Deb the official go-ahead to open an investigation into the Trinity killings.  Deb left out the fact that she thinks Trinity shot her and Lundy.  Rumors are starting to circulate about Batista and Laguerta’s relationship.  Rita and Dexter’s marriage is back on track.  Arthur uses the lumber he and Dexter got to build a coffin.  Deb meets up with one of Harry’s CIs, and found out that she was only one of a number of CIs he was sleeping with.  She declines details and stops digging around in Harry’s past, on Dexter’s advice.  He shreds his mom’s file – but saves her photo.

Dig It or Bury It?
I’ve gotta say, this was probably the weakest episode of the season – as my husband would say, “a middle episode.”  It certainly wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t as gripping as the previous episodes have been.  It returned to the standard formula of “Dex finds bad guy, Dex stalks bad guy, Dex kills bad guy.”  The “twists” and tension moments were all insanely predictable.  Farrow was a douche but of course he wasn’t the killer.  Of course Deb was going to get leeway to investigate Trinity.  Dexter and Arthur head off to the forest together, but of course they don’t just start attacking each other.  In a stellar season, this episode was surprisingly lackluster.

Body Bags
A delightfully gruesome episode this week.  The woman’s arm that was found was found in the belly of a gator!  A creepy guy living in a shack in “Gator Alley” shot the bugger for his meal, but when he started gutting the creature, he found a severed arm that had been swallowed whole post-mortem.

Farrow’s death was slightly less spectacular.  It was a pretty standard “drugging, cellophaning, slicing, and chopping” affair.  But the kill table was a huge light table which created a spectacular effect.

And of course, let’s take a moment to remember the gutted gator and the slaughtered deer.

In honor of Deb, when she officially comes back to work, Laguerta asks the entire department to “welcome back Detective fucking Morgan!”

Flashback to the Future
Harry pops up all over this episode.  He is jealous that Dexter has discovered a new mentor and wants him to finish off Trinity once and for all.  “I taught you all you need to know,” he insists.  Dexter doesn’t want the safe, quiet life Harry laid out for him; he wants the normal family life and the murders that Trinity has.  It’s the American dream.  He does pop up when Deb goes to Dexter with her new knowledge of Harry’s affairs.  Harry is ashamed that his kids found out, but is grateful when Dexter insists that Harry’s proclivities did not change the fact that he was a good father.

I know they cut the teasers to be deceptively engaging, but this one had lots of long, uncut scenes – not the chop-chop-chop that they usually use for teasers.  Dexter promises that Trinity is next on the table.  But apparently he admits to Arthur that he killed an innocent, and Arthur admits he did the same – even taking Dexter to the scene of his own first kill.  He seems relieved to admit this, telling Dexter he is the only person who knows.  But then the two of them are on a roof, and Arthur slips, and Dex grabs him and promises that this isn’t how he dies… but Dexter is in his kill suit….