Television Tourniquet: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 1.16


The Vampire Diaries Episode 1.16
There Goes the Neighborhood
Written By: Bryan Oh and Andrew Chambliss
Directed By: Kevin Bray
Original Airdate: 1 April 2010

In This Episode...
Pearl and Anna are running a vampire halfway house, taking in the vamps who crawled out of the crypt with them.  Pearl pays a visit to Damon, demanding that he turn over all the information he has gained since joining the Mystic Falls council.  She wants to take back Mystic Falls for the vampires.  Damon refuses, and Pearl attacks him harshly.

Caroline and Matt ask Elena and Stefan to join them on a double date.  Elena is dubious, but Stefan insists it will be fun - it will bring the “normalcy” that Elena needs.  Caroline’s hope that it will show Matt that Elena is in love with someone else backfires when the two talk about the good ol’ days all night.  The foursome are hanging out at The Grill until they see Kelly, Matt’s mom, getting drunk with Damon and Jenna.  Before they can leave, Elena runs into one of Pearl’s charges, Frederick, who mistakes her for Katherine.  Frederick is gone before Stefan can react.

The group head back to the Salvatore home to chill out.  Caroline finally explodes at Elena, jealous that she is the “backup” and Elena is everyone’s first choice.  Stefan sends Matt and Caroline for a ride in his cherry 1940s coup to straighten things out.  When the return, they find Kelly and Damon seconds from hot, drunken sex in the hallway.  Kelly is properly humiliated and the evening is officially over.

Frederick, having accosted a drunk and vervaned Jenna leaving The Grill, now has the Salvatore address, and “pops” in unannounced with girlfriend Beth Ann.  The four battle, Stefan quickly kills Beth Ann, and Frederick runs back to the halfway house.  He apologizes to Pearl for disobeying her orders and sneaking out, but she kills him anyway.

Anna pays Jeremy a visit.  He had spent much of the day researching vampires, and had a test to pull.  When Anna isn’t looking, he slices open his palm.  Anna refuses to come near him,  Jeremy  confronts her, and she finally vamps out and laps up the blood.  When Jenna comes home, Anna flees, but returns later to confront Jeremy.  He wants her to turn him.

Dig It or Bury It?
I was initially worried that this episode was going to be Dawson’s Creek-y with the double date.  But I need to stop doubting the producers, because every time I think it is going to turn into 90210 it goes Dark Shadows.  Damon and Kelly’s sex scene rivaled any from True Blood.   The violence, too (see below).  I am continually amazed at how the show maintains a a hard horror slant and avoids falling into the Twilight trap. 

This episode was good, though it doesn’t come close to the revelations we got last week.  Jeremy wanting to be turned was the most obvious plot point ever.  I’m done with Caroline’s whining, though I’m not sure who is more annoying as a gal-pal: her or the AWOL Bonnie.

Blood Lust
When Pearl shows up at the Salvatore household, she asserts herself to Damon.  It doesn’t take, so she is forced to make her message more extreme.  She does so by gouging his eyes deeply for a startlingly long time.  Later, when Stefan stakes Beth Ann, he stabs her repeatedly - at least a half-dozen times.  I am not sure if he kept missing or if he was just trying to drive the point home (no pun intended).  Either way, I miss the Buffy method of dusting them.  That way, you know they are dead.

The fun part is that when Elena calls Stefan to tell him she got home safe, Damon is in the background, struggling with Beth Ann’s body, trying to get it into the fireplace.  “A little help here?” he shouts to his brother.  Someone tell Stefan to clean up his own mess.

Myths Revamped
Pearl and Anna break into the Salvatore house, no invitation needed.  As Pearl explains, if there are no humans residing there, there is no need for an invite.

Next week looks gooooooood.  Frederick kidnaps Stefan, holds him in a dungeon, strung up and naked (well, as naked as network TV will allow - shirtless) being tortured by Frederick and his lackeys.  It is payback for Stefan’s role in the sealing of the vamps in the crypt.  It promises to be dark and evil, though a touch maudlin.