Television Tourniquet: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 1.18


The Vampire Diaries Episode 1.18
Under Control
Written By: Barbie Kligman & Andrew Chambliss
Directed By: David von Ancken
Original Airdate: 15 April 2010

In This Episode...
Stefan is trying to detox from Elena’s human blood.  It has given him the hunger, and Elena is worried.  Damon, of course, is encouraging Stefan to get back on human blood, promising him that he can take it from blood banks and not kill anyone.  Stefan staunchly refuses, but tries to quench his thirst with whiskey.  He hits rock bottom at the Founder’s Day Ball (they sure have a lot of those in Mystic Falls) when he drunkenly over-spins Elena while dancing and she bumps into some douche bag who tries to start trouble.  Later, when Stefan encounters the Dancing Douche in the parking lot, the douche picks a fight with Stefan, and he crushes the dude’s hand, then compels him to lie about it when Elena finds him.  At the end of the evening, Stefan goes to Elena in her room and admits he was having a hard time detoxing from the drugs - I mean, human blood.  He swore he would never hide anything from her.  But later, at home, Damon finally tempts his brother back to the red stuff.

Elena’s uncle John (her dad’s brother) shows up in Mystic Falls in time for the Founder’s Day Ball.  Everyone hates him - Jenna, the the founders council, even Elena and Jeremy.  He is a jackass.  He and Damon get into it at the Ball after John presents some evidence of possible vampire activity to the council, and admits he knows what Damon is.  In a flash, Damon snaps John’s neck and throws him off the balcony.  But the joke is on Damon when John walks back into the party, totally fine.  He reveals to Damon and Aleric that he has a super-special ring, too.  It is the same one that Aleric’s wife, Isabelle gave him.  John inherited his, and his brother got one as well.  Follow me here: Elena’s father inherited a magic ring, then gave it to Isabelle when she came to him as a pregnant teen.  Isabelle, in turn, gave it to her husband, Aleric, before dying or disappearing.  Got it?

Jeremy starts asking questions about Vicki’s death - he just knows that she didn’t die of an overdose.  Elena is worried about Jeremy finding out.  And at the Ball, Tyler and Kelly (Matt’s mom) get drunk together and start making out.  Matt freaks out when he walks in on them, the two beat the crap out of each other, and Matt gives his mom 12 hours to leave town.

Dig It or Bury It?
This episode was a little too “after school special” for me.  Replace “human blood” with “heroin” and you would never know that Stefan was a vampire.  His head is pounding, his skin is on fire, he has never felt a hunger like this before.  Stefan just doesn’t pull off the bad boy thing as well as Damon.  Damon has that devilish charm that makes his dark side delightful.

I didn’t really feel like this episode added much to the overall arc, with the exception of Uncle John.  I want to find out more about those rings, and what kind of dark secret the Gilbert clan is hiding. 

Dear Diary
The “diary” in Vampire Diaries is back.  Elena keeps it hidden behind a large painting on her wall, which is not a wise place to leave it when you write about things like fucking your vampire boyfriend and how you had a vampire use magic to erase your brother’s memory.

Blood Lust
A fairly non-violent episode.  John’s neck was snapped and Matt and Tyler got into a fist fight.  At the end, when Stefan gives in and finishes off his brother’s glass of blood, I was kind of hoping when he set the glass down, he would have a blood mustache. 

Things get ugly at the Mystic Falls beauty pageant.  Ha ha ha.  Apparently Stefan found a new rock to bottom out on, for it appears he attacks a woman.  Meanwhile, Damon escorts Elena to the pageant, and is suddenly the dependable one.  Is this Damon’s evil plot to try to ruin Stefan and win over Catherine’s doppelganger?  Or is Damon just turning into an old softy? Only three episodes left this season, and you can bet there will be a motherfuck of a cliffhanger.