Television Tourniquet: 'Vampire Diaries' Episode 1.2


"The Night of the Comet"
Written By: Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec
Directed By: Marcos Siega
Original Airdate: 17 September 2009

In This Episode…

With his super-sensitive vampire hearing, Stefan accidentally-on-purpose overhears Elena and Matt talking about Vicki's condition.  His ears perk up when he hears the word "vampire."  Rushing off to the hospital, he glamours Vicki into believing she was attacked by an animal – nothing more.  Unfortunately, since Stefan doesn't feed on humans, he is weak, and he is no match for his brother's power.

Elena stops by the Salvatore house unannounced, and is surprised to meet Damon.  He's charming and flirty, but also dastardly, when he lets it slip about Catherine, Stefan's last girlfriend, who broke his heart.  Stefan appears, and is pissed that his brother is starting trouble.  Elena, sensing the tension, beats a hasty retreat.  Later, at the Comet Festival, Elena confronts Stefan about Catherine, and decides it's just too complicated if they date.

Vicki has been discharged from the hospital, despite recurring nightmares about vampires.  Her nightmares come true when Damon attacks her in the bathroom and takes her up to the roof.  Stefan races up to save her.  Damon gets Vicki to remember that she was attacked by a vampire, and glamours her into believing Stefan did it.  Damon, tired of his brother being a pansy, rips open Vicki's stitches, trying to entice Stefan to feed.  He refuses, even after he realizes Damon is blackmailing him.  He would rather be outed than feed on a human and be like Damon.  Damon, amused, takes pity on Stefan.  He glamours Vicki into forgetting everything.

Stefan goes looking for Elena, but instead finds Bonnie.  She gives him Elena's phone number, but as she hands him the paper, she gets a weird psychic feeling and gets creeped out.  "What happened to you?" she asks before mumbling an apology and scurrying off.  Stefan heads home, and Elena finds him there.  She apologizes for being so brusque with him earlier, and admits that she is scared.  They kiss.  Meanwhile, Damon is getting a little action of his own – fooling around with Caroline before getting down to a little blood play.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode was a little too teen angst-y and not enough vampy blood-letting.  I suppose with this series, it's going to bounce between the two.  I know that Stefan is "the good guy," but he's already starting to get to me – and this is only episode two!  I dig Damon though.  Sure, he may want to brutally slaughter me and everyone I know, but at least he would have fun doing it, and kill with a smile.  Stefan, dude – you have got to loosen up!

Dear Diary

The opening "Dear Diary" from both Elena and Stefan is practically identical – both ruminating on how happy they are, how rested they feel, how today feels like it will truly be a great day.  The episode ends with them telling each other what they would be writing in their journals.  Elena admits she is afraid to let herself be happy.  Stefan's is far more simple, echoing a line Elena told him earlier (when she was basically blowing him off): "Today I met a girl.  We talked.  It was epic."

Blood Lust

The episode opens with a young couple fooling around in a tent in the woods (right there, you know nothing good will happen to them).  The guy goes to retrieve something from the car.  She tells him to hurry back because she thinks it's about to start raining.  When she hears "drip drip" on the tent, she pops out, vindicated and planning to rub it into his face.  It is her beau making that "drip drip" noise, as his blood pours out of his thrashed corpse in the tree above.   The girl is about to face the same fate.

Myths Revamped

I still haven't figured out if vamps in this world can shapeshift, or if the black crow that seems to turn into Damon is merely a symbolic harbinger.  But it would seem vampires do have reflections, when Damon appears to Vicki in one of those "I'm washing my hands and I'm alone but when I look up there is someone in the mirror" moments.  The vamps in Mystic Falls have strength and powers that depend on the quality of the blood they feed on, and how often they do it.


As with every high school show, there's always one very important right of passage: football.  Next week, Stefan goes out for the team, while trying not to reveal how awesome he is.  But then it looks like he's going to tackle another high school right of passage: Elena.  I know it's probably just tricky editing, but it looks like the star-crossed lovers get it on next week.  Well, it is their third date – er, episode.