Television Tourniquet: 'Vampire Diaries' Episode 1.7


The Vampire Diaries Episode 1.7
Story By: Andrew Kreisberg
Teleplay By: Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec
Directed By: Ernest Dickenson
Original Airdate: 29 October 2009

In This Episode…
Vicki is having a hard time adjusting to vampire life.  Stefan tries to walk her through it, but she is impulsive and an emotional mess.  Damon is 'helping' and somehow manages to keep losing her.  All Vicki wants is human blood.  All Elena wants is for Vicki to leave Jeremy alone – which does not sit well with Vicki, and she eventually goes for the jugular – literally.  Stefan, of course, comes to Elena’s rescue, and later she admits to him that even though she has pushed him away, she still loves him.

Damon is less aloof in this episode.  He is reasonably helpful with controlling Vicki, and when Stefan calls him for help, Damon obliges.  When Elena asks Stefan to glamour Jeremy so that he won’t remember Vicki becoming a vampire, Stefan promises to try, but doesn’t think he is powerful enough for it to be effective.  Damon overhears this and says that he will do it.  At the Grill, Damon overhears the Mayor and his wife discussing what to do about that damned vampire problem.  With the Mayor on his way to a Halloween party, Damon flirts his way into his wife’s booth – and nearly into her pants.  He plies her with martinis and discovers that Uncle Zach had been supplying her and her 'cabal' with verbane.

Caroline gives Bonnie her witchy Halloween costume, complete with Damon’s crystal ('Wear it or toss it, I don’t care.  I just don’t want it').  Damon sees it around Bonnie’s neck.  When she won’t give it up willingly, he tries to snatch it from her. It burns him and Bonnie runs straight to Grams, desperate for more info on her heritage.  That necklace belonged to her ancestor, a great witch who happened to live in Mystic Falls when the Salvatore brothers were growing up.

Dig It Or Bury It?
This was a pretty engrossing episode.  Vicki’s demise was fairly brutal.  Damon was eerily helpful.  Never before in this series has the 'good vs. evil' angle been more blatant than when Stefan and Damon are both trying to explain the changes that a young vampire goes through, and which path they can choose.  There was not enough Halloween goodness (but can there ever be enough?). 

The costume choices of those that did dress up were a little too obvious.  Caroline and Bonnie are witches; Vicki shows up to the party as a vampire; Elena goes as a nurse (see, because she always wants to fix people).  Other than Matt, who shows up in doctor’s scrubs (last year, Matt & Elena went as a couple and they both happened to wear the same costumes again), the girls are the only ones in costumes.

Blood Lust
Most notably, Vicki dies.  Not like vampire undeath, but she is gone.  She attacks Elena – and spills a fair amount of blood – and Stefan stakes Vicki.  Sadly, Vampire Diaries doesn’t have any vampires-into-dust or burning-vamps or anything like that.  When Vicki dies, she pretty much just crumples to the ground and becomes still, like a human.

Dear Diary
Elena didn’t even pick up her journal this episode.

Devilish Charm
While Stefan and Damon are holding Vicki 'captive' in their house during the day, Vicki declares she has to pee.  'Why do I have to pee?  I thought I was dead.'  For those of you concerned, it was just a false alarm.

Myths Revamped
Lots of new info here.  Stefan explains that Vicki cannot feed on humans – not even a little – because she will not be able to stop before she drains her victim completely.  Apparently, vampires in this world drink a lot of caffeinated beverages – it keeps the blood pumping and makes them feel warm to the touch of humans.  Stefan also explains that with newly-turned vampires, it is hard to separate their emotions: love, lust, anger, hunger just blur together into bloodlust.

Next week, Stefan’s old (and by old, I mean 150+ years old) girlfriend shows up.  Even though Elena broke up with Stefan, she is still mighty jealous that there is new 'blood' in town.  I also suspect that whatever Damon glamoured Jeremy into believing regarding what happened with Vicki, he implanted some other notion that will cause trouble very soon...