Television Tourniquet: We Behold '13: Fear is Real' -- Episode 3


13: Fear is Real: Episode 3
"A Killer Amongst Us"
Original Airdate: 1/21/09

In This Episode….

The contestants are sitting around, whining about how the killer has not used his power to kill someone.  They just can't be pleased.  They freak out if someone dies.  They freak out if no one dies.

Rodney can't sleep, so he wanders outside for some fresh air.  He ends up falling asleep in a chair behind the showers.  When a few of the girls see him in the morning, they are immediately suspicious. 

The Mastermind calls, but not with a true challenge – this is kind of like extra credit.  Across the swamp is a "gift" for them.  The contestants can choose to create a makeshift raft out of barrels and wood planks, float across, and take the package if they wish.  They do wish, and are rewarded with a cooler full of beers.

At some point, Steffanie is killed off.  There is no big thing; her "body" isn't even found.  She is just gone.  Really, the producers couldn't have made something cool out of it?

That evening, the Mastermind calls for the real ritual.  The teams split up again.  One half is blindfolded and led to a "Satanic" altar in the middle of the bayou.  Their partners are seated in chairs just outside the cabin.  They have walkie-talkies and "treasure" maps.  The point is to guide their partners, via walkie, to four spots in the bayou where they must find pieces of a pentagram to add to the one already on their altar.  Last pair to get their pieces goes to the elimination ceremony.  This dishonor goes to Erica and Ryan.

Dig It or Bury It?

This one had some elements I enjoyed.   During the scavenger hunt, one of the pentagram pieces was found shoved up the ass of a baby doll on a spike. 

Another part has Steffanie fishing in the swamp (why she thought this was a good idea, I'll never know).  The producers cut the scene in such a way that it looks like an alligator (or crocodile – I always forget which) is "stalking" Steffanie.  The alligator footage was obviously shot separately.  They even went so far as to toss a fishing lure on the nose of the gator to make it look like Steffanie was dumb enough to fish for a gator.  They cut to Steffanie screaming and freaking out – all she did was fall into the swamp.  She even says so.  No one bothered to cut that sound bite out.  That was just laughable.


I think these execution ceremonies get worse and worse each week.  This week, Ryan and Erica are blindfolded and bound to a tree.  The Mastermind tells them that "unpleasant things will happen to you."  First to escape their bonds lives.  These unpleasantries? German shepherds barking at them, chainsaws in the distance (the sound of which scares off the so-called attack dogs), and a couple branches thrown in their direction.  Oooohhhh, spooooky!  Anyway, Ryan looks like he's going to cry during this "execution."  Erica escapes within minutes.

Horrifying Cliché

While sitting around drinking the beer, Steffanie and Adam are talking about who dies first in horror movies.  Steffanie mentions that it is usually the people who have sex who die first.  Adam says then it is the guy who goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  In her "confessional," Steffanie says it is always the drunk kids who die because they are so irresponsible.  That is why she does not partake in the booze – and a few hours later the killer takes her out.  There goes that theory.


Next week, the Mastermind moves his guests "to a creepier location."  Yup, those are his exact words.  "Creepier" in this case is some kind of deteriorating system of tunnels.  It looks like the contestants have to dig through animal organs and other offal, which could be delightful to the home viewer.   Fingers crossed that the execution ceremony includes offal.