Television Tourniquet: We Behold '13: Fear is Real' -- Episode 6


13: Fear Is Real Episode 6
"A Deal With the Devil"
Original Airdate: 6 February 2009

In This Episode….

The remaining contestants are dumped in a slaughterhouse.  Cody is upset because he's a vegetarian, which of course had me spending the rest of the episode looking to see if he wore a leather belt or shoes (couldn't confirm either way).  The Mastermind confirms that Rodney was the killer.  The Death Box is back in play, and has been hidden in the kitchen. The contestants start searching through the kitchen.  Erica finds the Death Box first and tries to hide it in her bikini.  She doesn't do a good job, but luckily the other contestants are idiots.  No one notices when she sneaks out to her room, hides the box, and returns to the kitchen to pretend to continue the search. 

Paranoia is setting in.  Cody rigs up a lock for his and Adam's room.  Ted rigs up something similar for him and Nassir.  Late that night, Ted sneaks out to the kitchen, still looking for the death box.  Idiot.  Erica hears him, and goes out to "kill" him.  He starts full-out running, and she just casually follows for a bit, then goes back to her room.  I still don't understand how someone is "killed."  I think this plot point is blowing up in the producers' faces.

So Ted escapes and tells Nassir that he knows Erica is the killer.  He compares this knowledge to being second to God.  Idiot douchebag.  Ted basically ends up "blackmailing" Erica with this info: "Kill who I say, and I won't accuse you."  Ted is basically Ottis Toole to Erica's Henry Lee Lucas.  Erica ends up killing Cody, but he totally deserves it (and not just for whole, "I'm a badass horror buff who is also sensitive and can't eat a burger" thing).  He set up his door lock thing so that no one could sneak into his room to kill him.  Yet Erica knocks on the door, says, "It's the girls," and he just lets her in.  So she kills him by leaving a bloody glove behind.

We finally get to the weekly ritual, which seems to be following in the downward spiral of rituals.  Everyone is paired off by room.  One roommate takes a map from under the bed and follows it through the abattoir.  It leads them through a doggie door, which dumps them directly into a small cage.  They are instantly locked in, with a handful of rats wandering about.  Their partners must find them, find the key to the cage (which is hidden in one of four glory holes in each room) and release their partners.  The last pair to make it back to their room is up for execution.  This pair is Leah and Adam.

Dig It or Bury It?

It's like they reached new levels of boredom with this episode.  Most of it was paranoia over who the killer is (which is still a poorly realized plot point).  At one point Leah and Adam are actually talking about relationship bullshit.  Did I accidentally change channels and stumble into an episode of The View?  It was nearly 40 minutes into the show before the ritual took place.


Leah and Adam are loaded onto the bus.  They are taken to a bathroom, which any horror fan will recognize as a near-identical version of the bathroom from the original Saw.  This is basically the "sanitized" (no pun intended) version of Saw.  Leah and Adam must handcuff themselves to a pipe, then follow the clues to free themselves.  One clue leads them to a hacksaw, but instead of sawing off their foot, they have to saw off the heel of a shoe to find the key.  Oh, and while they are doing this, the toilet is overflowing and rapidly flooding the room.  Snakes are coming up through the toilet, too.  Adam wins this round.

Horrifying Cliché

Well, the execution ceremony wasn't so much a cliché as a direct rip-off of Saw.  Many parts of this series "borrow" heavily from the Saw series (the challenges, The Mastermind, the tape-recorded instructions), but this doesn't get any more blatant.


Next week they let a giant snake loose in the slaughterhouse.  My prophecy for that episode is that I will spend most of it hyperventilating and keeping my eyes shut, with my husband later filling me in on the plot points.