Television Tourniquet: We Behold '13: Fear is Real' -- Episode 8


13: Fear is Real Episode 8
Original Airdate: 20 February 2009

In This Episode….

We are down to the final three contestants: Erica, Ted, and Nassir.  They are relocated from the slaughterhouse to a tent deep in the bayou.  They discover an altar with photos of all the contestants as they "died."  Behind the altar are three burlap sacks filled with arts and crafts supplies (oh goody – it's like camp).  Each contestant must make a voodoo doll of the person they see as the biggest threat, then anoint their dolls with their own blood.  Ew.  Ted makes an Erica doll, Erica makes a Nassir doll, and Nassir makes a Ted doll.  Circle of life.  The dolls are placed on the altar, never to be used again.  Seems weird, but whatever.  Maybe they had time to kill.

When evening comes, the trio are blindfolded and led in different directions into the bayou by the minions.  There are three Death Boxes in locked cages hidden in the bayou.  The option is basically to "hunt or be hunted."  Nassir is the only one who finds a Death Box.  He decides to lay in wait for someone to cross his path.  Ted gets frustrated when he can't find a Death Box, so he also sits down, to wait it out.  Erica does not find a Death Box, but she doesn't give up.  Instead, she crosses Nassir, who "kills" her.

And then there were two.

The final game starts up immediately.  The boys must find the pet cemetery in the bayou, and dig up a grave.  Within the grave is a small coffin.  Within the coffin is a pair of bolt cutters.  These must be used to open up a barrel.  Within the barrel is a key.  This key is used to open the Mastermind's shack.  Within the shack is the money.  Oh, and while they are searching through the bayou, a chainsaw-wielding maniac is hunting them down.

Ted finds the pet cemetery and the bolt cutters (which are covered in maggots).   He locates the barrel, which is full of offal and little snakes.  After much digging (through what Ted thinks are brains), he finds the key.  The game is over.  Ted wins, and Nassir is fed to the chainsaw maniac.

But the show isn't over yet.  Ted must go to the shack, meet the Mastermind, and collect his prize.  He finds the money in a large leather satchel in the shack.  But he doesn't look where he is going, and sets off a trip wire set to a timer.  The black-shrouded figure guarding the money is not a real person – just a prop with a mask.  A reel-to-reel tape player starts up, and the Mastermind says, "Ted, you're dead."  He grabs his money and runs.  Ted hops into a rowboat and paddles like crazy.  Once he is a safe distance away, the shack blows up.

Dig It Or Bury It?

Easily the best episode of the season – and I'm not just saying that because it's over.  There was none of that cattiness, scheming, or strategizing.  The contestants just kept going from beginning to end.  I was so relieved that there wasn't a single escape challenge.  Watching the contestants wander blindly through the bayou was surprisingly engrossing.  It felt real.  Plus, who doesn't love an explosion?


No execution ceremony this week.

Horrifying Cliché?

Whatever hasn't been covered so far was all here this week:  lost in the forest, chainsaw maniacs, explosions, cemeteries, voodoo -- you name it. 


I think it is safe to say this show will not be back for a second season.  And because he is such a narcissistic douchebag, I am guessing that Ted's winnings will go towards a gym membership, a tanning bed, and pec implants.