Television Tourniquet: We Bite into ‘True Blood' 2.10


True Blood Episode 2.10
"New World in My View"
Written By: Kate Barnow & Elisabeth Finch
Directed By: Adam Davidson
Original Airdate: 23 August 2009

Sookie returns from watching Godric's immolation.  Instead of going to Bill, she goes to Eric, comforting him, kissing him, revealing her neck to him… and she wakes, dreaming again, as she and Jason head back to Bon Temps, Bill tucked away in his travel coffin.  They pull up to town, and discover it a war zone.  Graffiti and garbage litter the town; the few people the Stackhouse's see are possessed: one is banging his head monotonously into a wall; a couple plays a drunken game of grab-ass.  Another jumps in front of the van, smashing the windshield.  Rather than being hurt, the guy giggles and says he has to go find Sam – it's almost time.

Sam is hiding out in Andy's motel room.  Arlene calls, terrified, convinced Maryann is coming to kill her and her kids.  It's a trap, but Sam can't ignore a damsel in distress.  He and Andy head down to Merlotte's.  Though it is empty, Sam can smell people hiding.  Arlene comes out, wielding a knife, and other townspeople come out of the woodwork.  Sam and Andy don't have much of a plan – they lock themselves in the industrial refrigerator.  One of the women in the mob goes to call Maryann to collect her prey, but is distracted by the graffiti by the phone; she instead calls Peanut for a good time.

Jason, Sookie, and Bill go back to Bill's house, where Hoyt fills them in on what is going on in town.  Hoyt's mom is crazed, and tries to fuck Bill, which is the catalyst for him and Jason deciding something has to be done.  From there, they split up.

Jason goes to Merlotte's to bust some heads.  He takes Arlene hostage with a nail gun, which brings out the protective side of Terry.  He agrees to lead the mob out of the bar in exchange for her safety.  Sam and Andy reluctantly come out of the fridge, but the peace is short lived – the mob breaks back in, and Sam realizes that he only has one option: give himself over to the mob.

Meanwhile, Bill and Sookie go to the Stackhouse abode.  It is now Maryann's abode – the house is overrun by nature – it looks like the creepy woods from Snow White.  Lafayette calls Sookie and tells her to go to Tara's house.  Maryann stops them on the way out.  Sookie has a flash, realizes that Maryann is the one who attacked her at the beginning of the season.  Bill starts to suck Maryann dry, but stops quickly – her blood is vile black poison.  Sookie steps into the fray, and discovers a new power – she zaps Maryann with a bolt of bright pinky-purple light.  Maryann is stunned more than hurt, but it is enough for the duo to get away.

The next stop for Bill and Sookie is Tara's house, where Lafayette and Mrs. Thornton are trying to save her.  Sookie is alarmed that she cannot see Tara's thoughts – it is just an empty black abyss.  Bill glamours her, and Sookie finally breaks through, and sees all the mischief that Tara has gotten involved in.  The glamour helps break the possession, and Tara comes back to herself.  Bill is alarmed, however, at a chant that Tara was muttering.  He tells Sookie to stay behind while he goes to visit someone who may be able to help.

Back at Merlotte's, the mob is tying Sam to the roof of a car.  They stop when their god speaks to them – it is actually Jason, in a gas mask with flares in his hand, and Andy holding up branches to act as horns.  He tells the mob he is pleased with their offering, and Sam plays along.  He tells the "god" to smite him.  Jason does, and Sam shifts into a fly.  The insane mob cheers and disbands.  Jason and Andy are completely befuddled, until Sam comes out from the bar, promising to explain later.

Dig It or Bury It?

I love it when a series builds towards a finale – it's exhilarating.  This episode, especially, felt fast-paced.  It unfolded over just a few hours, and it felt like everyone was rushing against the clock.  This episode also had more possessed town folk, which is just delightful.  They remind me of the mobs in George Romero's semi-obscure 1973 classic The Crazies (the same one that is being remade by Breck Eisner): they're like zombies created by Caligula.  I've got to say, when Maryann is defeated and Bon Temps goes back to being a sleepy little swamp town, I will miss them.

One thing that did bum me out in this episode: Jason's chainsaw was tragically underused.  He slices a CD player in half in Merlotte's, but it gets stuck in the bar, and Jason just leaves it.  I know, Jason is not a psychopath, so he wouldn't really walk into a bar and start slicing n' dicing.  But maybe he could have sliced off someone's arm, or even a few fingers?  Even just on accident.  Okay, forget it.  I'm going to go pull out my Ash and Leatherface DVDs.

Ass Factor

Aside from some random mob-orgy boobs, we do get a good look at Sam's ass.  After the mob disbands and Sam returns to human form, he comes out of the bar wearing only an apron, his butt peeking out the back.

Blood Count

Virtually non-existent, although Jessica does attack Hoyt's momma when she won't stop calling her a supernatural whore.  The picture cuts away after a split-second, so hopefully Jess didn't turn Mrs. Fortenberry.  The only thing worse than a spiteful mother-in-law is a spiteful mother-in-law who will live forever.

Biting Humor

Jason Stackhouse always makes me smile.  His dopey portrayal of some type of demon-god was good for more than just a few giggles.  The demented mob is pretty funny, too.  When Jason announced himself as a god, Terry was the only one who spoke up: "Bullshit.  God has horns."  Andy came to the rescue by way of a pair of branches, which shut Terry up, save for an awe-filled "Whoa."  Lafayette is a very close second in the humor department.  When Bill is trying to glamour Tara, Lafayette chimes in with, "If ever there was a time to listen to a white man, Tara, this is it."