Television Tourniquet: We Bite into 'True Blood' 2.6


True Blood Episode 2.6
"Hard-Hearted Hannah"
Written By: Brian Buckner
Directed By: Michael Lehmann
Original Airdate: 26 July 2009

In This Episode…

Isabel wants to send her human, Hugo, with Sookie to infiltrate the Church of the Light.  They play engaged couple Rufus and Holly, who are looking for a new church.  They left the church they met at because their pastor was a vampire sympathizer.  Sookie reads off Steve that they have a vamp locked in the basement for use in a ritual.  As Steve and Sarah take the couple on a tour of the chapel, Sookie's mind-reading goes into overdrive as Steve invites them to a "lock in."  His thoughts reveal that he does not believe Sookie to be a Christian, but a "fang lover."  Sarah seems to know where Steve is going with the "lock in" and her inner monologue beg him not to.  Deluded Hugo misses all of Sookie's cues to get the fuck out.  At the conclusion of the tour, Steve insists the couple visit his father's tomb on the "lower level" (a.k.a. – the basement).  Sookie's intense fear finally hits Hugo over the head, but Steve won't take no for an answer.  With the help of his beefy bodyguard, Gabe, the two are dragged into the basement.  Sarah watches, wanting to help but powerless.  She apologizes softly and slips away.

The mystery girl from last episode is revealed to be Faviana, Bill's maker.  Eric brought her in to distract Bill so he could steal Sookie away from him.  Bill wakes from a sound sleep, as he frequently does, in a panic when he senses Sookie's danger.  But before he can react, Faviana has him pinned and is kissing him.

Jason and Luke have been asked to build a ceremonial platform.  While working, Jason almost spills the beans about Sarah's advances, but chickens out.  He later goes looking for Sarah or Steve to tell them the platform is finished.  He finds only Sarah in the chapel, crying, having just left Jason's sister to imprisonment.  Sarah convinces Jason that in her heart, she was no longer married to Steve.  She believed Steve was the great man she was destined to support, but now believes that Jason is that man.  Jason resists her advances until she convinces him that that god has, basically, told her to fuck him.  They get it on in his church.

Tara and Eggs head out on an errand.  Eggs suddenly demands that Tara pull over, and he wanders into the woods.  He has never been there before – or, more accurately, has no knowledge of being there before, but feels an inexplicable pull.  A mile or so into the woods and they come across a clearing, with remnants of some ritual.  Torn clothing, strange symbols, an extinguished bonfire, and a huge blood-soaked boulder mark the scene.  Frightened, they rush home, though not arriving until well past dark.  The house has been trashed – they missed a wild party, or so they thought.  Eggs and Tara follow the string of clothing and noises through the woods to find a full-blown orgy taking place around a bonfire.  Twosomes and threesomes and moresomes of every combination are writhing about.  At the center is Maryann, doing her weird jittery dance.  She pauses to give a knowing smile to Tara and Eggs.

Sam and Daphne slip out of work early for a shape-shifty romp in the woods: Sam as the dog, Daphne as the pig Tara and Andy had seen previously.  When a drunken Andy nearly runs over the pig with his car, he chases it, yelling about how he knows that pig.  A safe distance away, Sam asks Daphne about it.  He is perturbed, but she just blows him off – and blows him.  She leads him through the woods, toward the sound of drum beats, for one final surprise of the evening.  A pair of goons attack Sam and drag him to Maryann's orgy, which now includes Tara and Eggs.  Sam is instantly alarmed when he sees the debauchery.  Things don't get any better when Daphne puts a bull helmet on Maryann, and he sees Karl holding a large ceremonial knife.

Also: Eric's henchwoman goes to see Lafayette.  Eric wants him to start selling V again, but does not say why.

Dig It or Bury It?

Dig!  This one had everything: deception, mystery, an orgy, religious zealotry to be mocked.  There was even romance: Hoyt goes to Jessica's hotel with flowers to apologize for not returning her calls (momma shut off his cell phone).  She is madly in love with him, and he with her.  He is a good influence on her.  Something that is really starting to bug me, more and more, is that Sookie and Jason do not speak of one another – at all.  Seriously, did I miss something?  I really wanted them to cross paths at the church this week.  But there is always next week.  Maybe Jason will come to her rescue?

I am not quite sure what is going on with Steve.  The religious fervor has infected him, that's for sure.  But did he read Sookie's mind to know that she was there to spy, or is he just good at reading people's faces?  There could be a Waco-style ending here.  Faviana's appearance seemed a little… unnecessary?  At least, for this episode.  She was hardly in it, except for a couple of flashbacks – the flashbacks didn't even show her creating Bill; it was just the two of them hunting together.  And I want to know what Eric is getting at by making him start hocking the V again.

Ass Factor

There was sex all over the place tonight.  Of course, the… ahem climax of the show was Maryann's orgy.  There was also Sam and Daphne post-coital on the pool table… then coital a few moments later, and her BJ in the woods.  In the flashback, Faviana lures a man and his trophy girlfriend to swing (a ruse for a bloodletting).  But the winner of the night was Jason and Sarah fucking in church.  Don't worry: God told her to.

Blood Count

In the flashback, Faviana and Bill are merciless with a couple they feast on.  Faviana makes the guy watch as Bill fang-rapes the girl.  Then Faviana snaps the guy's neck and joins Bill and his victim in bed.  The girl, gurgling and gasping for her last few breaths, is pushed aside while Bill and Faviana fuck in a pool of the girl's blood and gristle.

Biting Humor

For me, one of the funniest moments in tonight's episode is also very sad, because it is way too close to the truth.  Jason and Luke are working on the platform.  Jason is trying to admit his romp with Sarah to Luke, but Luke gets sidetracked by his own ruminations on sex outside of marriage being sin.  Then he gets into the different levels of sin.  Sex outside of marriage is a sin, but the least offensive one.  Adultery is at the top of the sin hit list – right up there with bestiality and incest.  After a thought, Luke restructures his ladder of sex sin, placing sex with a vampire and homosexuality at the top – nothing is worse than that.  "Except," he says, "gay sex with a vampire.  That's like the cream de la cream [sic] of sin.  There ain't no repenting for that."

Myths Revamped

A horrifying ritual, reminiscent of witch burnings and Klan lynchings, was introduced tonight: Meet the Sun.  This is why Jason and Luke are building the huge outdoor platform.  In this ritual, a vampire is tied up to a giant cross just before dawn.  The entire church gathers around to watch the vampire cook as the sun rises.