Television Tourniquet: We Bite into 'True Blood' 2.9


True Blood Episode 2.9 "I Will Rise Up"
Written By: Nancy Oliver
Directed By: Scott Winant
Original Airdate: 16 August 2009

In This Episode…

Luke wastes no time blowing up Godric's party.  Bill, who had escorted Lorena out, runs when he sees the explosion.  Eric threw himself on top of Sookie to save her.  She is fine, so Bill runs off to help others.  Eric convinces Sookie that she needs to suck the silver bullets from his skin, or else he will die.  Disgusted, Sookie digs in, spitting out as much blood as she can.  Bill returns, and explains to Sookie that she was duped – Eric could heal himself.  It was Eric's way to ensure he was always connected to Sookie.  He will now know where she is, how she feels, and she may be sexually attracted to him.  Collateral damage isn't too bad – only about five are dead, including the traitorous Stan.

Back at the hotel, Sookie still feels dirty about what happened with Eric.  Unable to sleep, she creeps down the hall to Jason's room.  The two have a lovely bonding moment, apologizing for their past differences and vowing to look out for one another, now that they are all they have.  They flip on the TV and see the Newlins sparring with vamp advocate Ms. Flannigan.  Petty sniping between Steve and Sarah makes the Stackhouses giggle.  Later, Ms. Flannigan meets with the key players in the Soldiers of the Sun debacle.  Godric takes full responsibility for his kidnap, and for not being able to control Stan.  Though Sookie defends Godric, the decision has been made: he will step down as sheriff immediately.  He promises to make amends.

Sookie heads up to the roof, looking for Godric.  She finds him with Eric.  Insisting that vampires didn't belong with humans, Godric planned on killing himself.  Eric is devastated – he wants to keep Godric alive, then swears to kill himself along side his maker.  He weeps, but eventually gives in and goes inside.  Sookie stays with Godric.  Though he is not afraid, she is afraid for him.  As the sun rises, Godric's advanced age makes him burn quickly in a burst of blue-hot flames.  Suck it, Twilight.

Shit is hitting the fan in Bon Temps.  Tara is getting tired and scared of her frequent blackouts, which offends Maryann, who insists that they are not just blackouts, but Tara's chance to rise to another level of being.  When Tara and Eggs come into Merlotte's for lunch, Lafayette takes one look at Tara's pulpy face, assumes Eggs beat her up, and attacks.  Later that night, Lafayette shows up at the Stackhouse abode with Tara's mom.  They are determined to rescue Tara, who doesn't want to be rescued.  Tara and Eggs get the Black Eyes of Doom, and a brawl ensues, to Maryann's enjoyment.  Lafayette throws Tara over his shoulder and takes her out.  Maryann promises Eggs she will be back.

With the town growing increasingly restless, Maryann decides it is sacrifice time.  She glamours her way into the county jail, where Sam is still being held for Daphne's murder.  But Sam isn't there – he shifted into a fly and buzzed out of there, later showing up at Andy's motel room, begging for help.  Maryann storms into Merlotte's with a fury unseen so far, demanding Sam Merlotte from her minions.

Also, Hoyt finally stands up to his momma when he introduces her to Jessica, and she simply cannot be polite to the young vamp – who is desperately trying to impress her boyfriend's mom.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was kind of a girly episode.  I know, they can't all be wham-slam-bang, but sheesh.  Everyone was crying, everyone was having an emotional outpouring.  It would have been nice to punctuate all the seriousness with some action, or at least some humor.  Even when Bill confronts Eric about tricking Sookie, and tells him he has a "score to settle," it consists of a single bitch-slap (albeit a strong, vampy bitch-slap), and Eric proudly saying that there is nothing to be done – she is part of him now.  I just checked the scorecard, and no score was settled with that.

Ass Factor

Tonight's episode was light on the sex.  Sookie and Eric are in bed together, naked, talking, but the talking always leads to the fucking when you are in bed and naked.  It was all a dream/nightmare.  Sookie woke with a start and was relieved to see she was naked with Bill.

Myths Revamped

So apparently pure silver bullets won't kill a vampire.  Bill says just that when he catches Sookie sucking off another vamp.  Apparently a vampire's body will reject a silver bullet as he heals, like an infected eyebrow piercing.

Blood Count

Despite the size of the blast, Luke's explosion seems to have only snagged five victims (besides Luke himself): three vamps, two human companions.  Despite this, there is plenty of blood to go around.  Jason is coated in offal.  Sookie's beautiful white shirtdress is soaked in blood.  Bill also takes a bite out of one of the accompanying Soldiers of the Sun – only taking enough to act as a warning, and sending the kid back to the church.