Television Tourniquet: We Bite Into 'True Blood' 3.6


True Blood Episode 3.6
“I Got A Right To Sing The Blues”
Written By: Alan Ball
Directed By: Michael Lehmann
Original Airdate: 25 July 2010

In This Episode...

Russell’s mansion is apparently the party palace.  He instructs Eric to leave Sookie in the library while he attends to “marital issues” with Talbot upstairs.  Sookie does not want to believe that Eric is no longer an ally, even though he refers to her as “it.”  When Russell finally believes that Sookie doesn’t know “what” she is, she is given a room upstairs and a werewolf guard.  While there, Sookie hears Tara’s thoughts from down the hall, swearing that they will get out of there.  Tara just seduced Franklin into crazy, bloodied sex, before which he mentioned that since Sookie was now in the mansion, he was off duty.

With Franklin in post-coital unconsciousness, Tara slips from bed and crushes his skull with a medieval mace.  Posing as a servant, she tricks the werewolf guard into letting her into Sookie’s room, where the two tag-team the werewolf and escape.  Out in the daylight, the two split up: Tara to get a car, and Sookie to get Bill.  Tara is accosted by a werewolf who turns out to be Alcide, who promises his help.  Sookie finds Bill chained to the floor in the slave quarters.  He is drenched in blood and unconscious.  As Sookie tries to revive him, Lorena appears from the shadows.  She is a fucking mess from being duty-bound to kill her love, and she takes it out on Sookie by throwing her across the room and drinking deeply from her vein.

Eric has gone with Russell on an “errand”: the king is proposing marriage to Sophie-Anne.  In addition to never touching her, he promises to pay off all her debts.  She refuses for the umpteenth time.  Eric convinces her with the very real threat of a beheading.  He flirts with Russell, does his bidding, kisses his ass, all in the pursuit of revenge.

The dirty truth about the Mickens finally comes out.  Melinda comes by Sam’s, looking for Tommy, and tells him it is his responsibility to care for his parents by going “on the circuit” because his mom’s back is shot to hell.  When Arlene later complains to Sam that his new tenants are breaking his “no pets” policy with a pit bull, Sam puts it all together.  The shape-shifting Mickens have been rigging illegal dog fights.  Tommy is understandably reluctant to go into the “family business.”

Elsewhere, the chemistry between Lafayette and Jesus is out of control -- until the redneck meth heads come by and take their homophobia out on Lafayette’s car.  The two come out and beat the shit out of the boys, but in the process, the lead redneck mentions Lafayette’s drugs, and he has to admit to Jesus he is a dealer.  Disgusted, Jesus ends the date.  Crystal smells danger in the air and abruptly abandons Jason by the lake.  The next day, Jason shows up at her house with roses.  In front of her bruised fiancee, Crystal pretends she doesn’t know Jason.

Dig It or Bury It?

This is my favorite episode so far this season.  It opens with a bang, it ends with a bang, and it's loaded with action the entire way through.  Sometimes I feel like episodes are a little thin on plot, but tonight’s episode had me glued.

The sex and love in True Blood is positively electric -- and I am not a romantic.  But the relationship between Lafayette and Jesus actually had me going “Awww.”  Even Eric’s fake flirting with Russell was adorable.  Tara and Franklin, on the other hand, skeeved me out.    Maybe it's because Tara kind of bugs me.  Maybe it's because she was basically prostituting herself to save her own life.  But the “dirty talk” between her and Franklin was just uncomfortable.  It was like dialogue exchanged between children: “I want you to bite me.” “I want you to bite me even harder.”  “Yeah, give me your bites.”

Blood Count

So... much... blood.... Possibly the bloodiest of the season (so far).  The episode opens with Bill staking a vamp guard, who explodes in a cloud of blood and a heavy pile of organs and intestines.  Lorena tortures Bill with silver instruments, slicing him this way and that.  She even slices open her own finger and digs it into one of his wounds so that when he dies, her blood is with him.  Later, Cooter and Debbie stumble in and get high lapping up Bill’s blood.

Tara gets the best action tonight.  During their creepy, un-sexy foreplay, Tara tells Franklin she wants to drink his blood.  That turns him on.  Tara summons all her courage, and bites into his neck like a rabid dog.  She gnaws a big, gaping chunk of flesh away, blood pouring over her.  In the morning, Tara slips from the blood-soaked bed and smashes Franklin’s head repeatedly with the mace.  Gore flies everywhere, and Franklin’s head literally deflates like a basketball.

Ass Factor

The show’s wad was blown on blood this week -- not that I mind.  The only ass belonged to the young quarterback, whom Jason catches dogging a blonde at Merlotte’s.

Myths Revamped

I can’t remember if they revealed this in season one, but tonight Sookie told Russell that her grandfather could also read minds.

Biting Humor

Sophie-Anne is desperately clawing through a pile of lotto scratchers -- and gets excited when she finds one worth $100.  $100 which she promptly sends her minions to spend on more scratchers.


Lorena puts Sookie into a coma, which Bill blames himself for.  While in her dream state, Sookie meets her “fairy godmother.”  Unless that was a pure silver mace, I think it is safe to say that Franklin is not dead -- but he will be pissed when he finds Tara.  I also feel like Russell was planting seeds of doubt in Sookie’s mind -- like she was adopted or there is some other dark family secret.  Oh yeah, and Bill walks in the sunlight - and doesn’t burn.