Television Tourniquet: We Bite into 'True Blood' - Episode 10!


True Blood 1.10
“I Don’t Wanna Know”
Directed by: Scott Winant
Written by: Chris Offutt
Original Airdate: November 9, 2008


In This Episode… 

Looks like the cat, er, dog is out of the bag. After waking to find Sam sleeping naked at the end of her bed and some over the top fussin’ and frettin’ about him being the killer, Sam admits to Sookie that he is, in fact, a shape shifter.  Sookie does not react kindly to this revelation and accuses Sam of purposely keeping the truth from her.


Tara’s exorcism with the super sarcastic witch doctor Miss Jeanette turns out to be a success after Tara drinks some snake juice and has her own personal Dagobah moment. After returning home to tell her mom the good news, Tara and mom decide to celebrate their recent de-demoning with some crawfish.  But the tasty crustaceans come back to haunt Tara’s mom in a big way, and Tara must hit the local drugstore – where she discovers Miss Jeanette, dressed for non-witch doctoring work, stocking shelves.


Other rude awakenings are in the works for Bon Temps. All is not well in Jason and Amy’s hippy haven, where the plight of sensitive vampire Eddie is driving a stake between the dysfunctional couple.


After the jealous Amy tries, unsuccessfully, to manipulate Jason into making Eddie their household pet she finally gets serious and puts Jason back in his place with a well-aimed stake in Eddie’s heart.

Meanwhile, Lafayette pays Eddie a visit to replenish his storage of V Juice and finds that someone has made off with his vampire connection.  Upon realizing Jason is behind the abduction, he hightails it straight to Arlene and Rene’s engagement party, where he proceeds to ream Jason for his selfishness.

But Jason’s not the only one who’s having a bad time at the engagement party.  Detective Andy just can’t catch a break on the case, Sam is forced to relive his puppy hood heartbreaks, and Tara is unsuccessful in her attempts to get in Sam’s pants.  In the wake of a typically uncomfortable interaction with Sam, Tara drives off in a drunken huff and crashes her car into a fence after narrowly missing a naked woman and her pig standing in the middle of the road.


Meanwhile, Sookie offers to get ice at the bar as an excuse to escape the party, but gets a little more than she bargained for when the killer who has been stalking her arrives fashionably late.  Sookie reads his thoughts and discovers his latest victim expired with a set of fang marks on her neck.  Barely escaping his grasp in Merlotte’s kitchen – during a game of cat-and-mouse straight out of House of Wax – Sookie makes a run for the door right into the arms of Sam, who curiously agrees not to go after the murderer.

Bill attempts to formulate an escape plan of his own as he stands before the vampire magister and a jury of his peers for the Longshadow’s murder. Thankfully, the vampire magister decides to get creative with his sentence, opting for bite rather than bark. Instead of the usual coffin wrapped in silver chains, the magister orders Bill to make his first vampire out of a kidnapped god-fearing good girl that he just happens to have on hand.  Although Bill objects, in the end has no choice but to comply with the magister’s wishes, and takes a bite out of the red-headed victim.


Dig It or Bury It?

When I heard the words “vampire tribunal” last week I imagined a court made of ebony wood paneling, with candelabras and capes, possibly housed in a castle… not the leftover set and extras from Doomsday.  But, I guess if your courtroom is going to be in a junkyard, the most respectful place for an adjudicator to sit would be in the back of an El Camino.

Demons travel through pollution and technology people!  So unless you’ve gone back to the land, I’m pretty sure you’ve got one.  But not to worry – according to Miss Jeanette, all you need is spit, smoke and root, along with a bottle of Ipecac and a small amount of Peyote to perform your own exorcism.  It’s totally harmless!

Man, Amy is so diabolical she even makes Stockholm Syndrome sound good!  I have to correct last week’s reacap, where I called her a raw foodist.  She’s actually an organic vegan.  It’s worse than I could have possible imagined.

Poor Sam, not only did he get abandoned by his adoptive parents as a child, but he strongly resembled Opie.

I am loving the newly exorcised and even crazier Tara Mae.  I hope she continues to dress in outfits inspired by prom night 2000.

Did anyone else find Arlene’s engagement party impossibly cheesy?  If I were Sookie, I would have considered a dance with death a reasonable alternative to going back to that band.

Blood Count

This episode held off on the money shots until the very end, but they were well worth the wait.  Eddie was unlucky even in death, and the poor guy got it in a most unbecoming fashion.  I predict it’s going to be more than a little bit of a backache carrying his bloody remains up those basement steps.  Maybe Miss Amy should have thought of that before she acted so rashly.

Ass Factor

Sam goes from two to four legs and back in a matter of seconds and his pants always seem to magically disappear.


Myths Revamped


Going to the dentists is bad enough, but when your dentist is enforcing the wishes of an angry vampire tribunal you know it’s not going to be pretty.  These methods of punishment would never make it at the Hague.  Thankfully, it only takes three years for fangs to grow back.


Hick of the Week


Thank god for Terry and his shell-shocked brand of comic relief.  I really hope he’s not the killer, because he’s totally right – guilt is a useless emotion. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go call my mom.




Bill seemed to enjoy his recent meal immensely, and I’m thinking that next episode might have him turning back to the bloodsucking dark side.  At the very least he’s going to have some trouble containing himself around Sookie.


Who is the naked woman with the awesome pig?  Will she put on clothes?  Will she ride the pig?  Will she and the pig entrance Tara?  I am guessing yes to all of the above.


Now that Amy has killed Eddie there’s going to be a whole lot of trouble coming her way in the guise of sheriff Eric and Lafayette.  But will Jason turn her in or try to protect her?

The killer can’t stay in hiding for too much longer now that Sookie has read his mind.  At first it appeared to be a vampire due to the bites on his victim’s neck.  But, judging by the ease in which Sookie outran him, he’s probably a human preying on vamp tramps.  When I watched the scene frame by frame it looked suspiciously like the killer was wearing cargo pants.  It’s looking worse and worse for lovable loser Terry.