Television Tourniquet -- We Bite into 'True Blood' Episode 2.2


True Blood Episode 2.2
Keep This Party Going
Written by: Brian Buckner
Directed by: Michael Lehmann
Original Airdate: 21 June 2009

In This Episode

Sookie sees Jessica’s parents on TV, making a plea for the return of their daughter.  Her heart goes out to them, so when Jessica begs Sookie to take her to see her parents – just from afar – Sookie relents.  But Sookie has barely put the car in park before Jessica has zipped to the front door and fallen into her mother’s loving arms.  Sookie follows the girl inside, and mom makes tea while little sis serves sandwiches.  Dad comes home, but instead of being relieved to have his little girl back, he is furious with her disobedience.  Jessica snaps, and out come the fangs.  She promises to kill him with the belt he used to beat her.  Daddy is abusive; Mommy is an idiot; Jessica wants both dead.  Bill shows up in the nick o’ time, and glamours the little sister into inviting him in.  Once inside, he throws Sookie out, furious that he has to clean up her mess.  Bill steps between Jessica and dad, the fangs come out, and the screen goes to black. Elsewhere...

Lafayette, still stuck in his dungeon, is left with only the dismembered pieces of Royce to keep him company.  Digging through Royce’s rotting leg, he pulls out a steel rod and uses it to break out his chains.  Escape is within his grasp, but the bar door is locked tight.  He is accosted by a worse-for-the-wear human barmaid, tasked with keeping prisoners from escaping.  The woman is terrified, and in her fear, shoots Lafayette in the leg – for which she immediately apologizes.  Unable to escape, Lafayette is once again at the mercy of Eric.  He begs to be made into a vampire, promising to dance in the club, service Eric, be a bad-ass vampire – whatever he wants.  Eric promises to think it over - as he and his lackeys feast on Lafayette’s injured body.

Jason heads off to his Light of Day leadership conference.  On the bus, he meets Mac, who besides giving off a hardcore gay vibe, is obviously jealous that Jason is Steve and Sarah’s new pet.  It only gets worse when Jason is the star of the camp’s flag football game.  That evening, after a sexy song by a hot, slutty chick about chastity, Jason and Sarah roleplay, with Jason as “the good guy” and Sarah as the “vampire sympathizer.”  When Sarah reveals her character is really a vamp – complete with crappy Halloween fangs – Jason flips out and nearly stakes her with a nearby flagpole.   He is having flashbacks to his time with Amy and their pet vampire, and he is terrified that the others at the camp will find out.

Tara finally gets some background out of Eggs: he was in prison for drugs, armed robbery, and assault, and when Maryann found him, he was living beneath a freeway overpass.  His other confession?  He likes Tara, and wants to be with her.  Meanwhile, Maryann is spreading her strange love voodoo throughout Merlotte’s sending the patrons into a frenzied orgy of dance.  When Sam gets pissed, Maryann turns him into a dog, and reminds him to stay on her good side, or the whole town will know about his secret.

Also: Sookie asks Tara to move in with her (to the chagrin of Maryann), and Eric confronts Bill (in a Forever 21, of all places, where Bill is shopping for Jessica), telling him he wants to “borrow” Sookie and take her to Dallas to search for a missing vampire.  The request was a mere courtesy – he promised to take Sookie either way.  And after the stunt Sookie pulled with Jessica, I don’t think Bill will have any compunctions about loaning out his girlfriend.

Dig It or Bury It?

It disappoints me to say that this episode was lackluster.  I liked the mini-twist with Jessica: it seemed like she came from a perfect, if not a bit zealous, household, only to discover abuse within.  Plus, Bill and Sookie need to fight more, especially after an opening scene that has them together in bed after makeup sex, and they promise to never fight again.  Gag. 

Aside from the creepy Jesus-vibe and a wall mural that looks suspiciously similar to Buddy Christ, Camp Glory Hole was unremarkable.  Eggs’s “dark past” did not seem nearly as bad as all the sinister secrecy would make it out to be.  I was expecting a lifetime of murder, rape, and pillage.

Blood Count

Lafayette’s fate is still up in the air, but the best moment in the whole episode?  Lafayette digging through the hamburgered leg meat.  Other than that one scene, this episode was pretty much blood-free.

Ass Factor

Possibly the first episode with virtually no nudity.  There was a moment of Sookie boob at the beginning, but scarcely even worth mentioning. 

Myths Revamped

When Jessica is crying over her beloved family (before she reveals her hatred for them), her tears are blood.  Sookie explains that she will now be crying tears of blood as a vamp.  Sounds way worse than having your mascara run.

Biting Humor

One of the greatest lines ever spoken: when Eric brings Lafayette upstairs to question him about any possible knowledge of his vamp buddy in Dallas, Lafayette spits out: “I have a Jew’s shot at an Al Qaeda rally [of surviving].”  Topical and off-color.  I love it.