Television Tourniquet -- We Bite into 'True Blood' Episode 2.4


True Blood Episode 2.4 "Shake and Fingerpop"
Written By: Alan Ball
Directed By: Michael Lehmann
Original Airdate: 12 July 2009

In This Episode…

Bill, having just thrown Hoyt out of the house, is embarrassed when he realizes that Jessica only wanted him for lovin', not feedin'.  Sookie finds the whole thing amusing, and insists on bringing Jessica on their trip to Dallas.  The trio take Anubis Air, specifically designed for safe vamp flight.  Sookie gets drunk on the plane, but that doesn't stop her from reading the thoughts of Leon, the shifty limo driver sent to pick up the trio.  He means her harm, but of course Bill pops out of his coffin and rescues Sookie in the nick of time.  Bill uses Leon as a teaching aid, instructing Jessica to control his thoughts and make him spill the beans.  Jessica takes the opportunity to have a little fun with Leon, and makes him believe his worst fears are coming true.  Bill takes over, and finds out that Leon was hired by the Church of the Light to "abduct the human with the Compton party."  He had no other details, not even that he was abducting a woman.

While Sookie is away, Tara moves into the Stackhouse abode.  It is her 26th birthday, and it is just as crappy as her previous 25.  Before she left, Sookie let slip that she was going to Dallas in exchange for the release of Lafayette – something Tara knew nothing about.  When she checks in on her cousin, he is a depressed mess with an infected gun shot wound, and kicks Tara out of his house.  So Tara, home alone, watching TV and crying, is frightened by a noise outside the house.  But the only spook is Maryann.  She and Eggs have arrived to set up the big surprise birthday they had been planning.  Later that night, the party is in full "swing" and much like Maryann's previous parties – lots of people, lots of decadent food, lots of dirty dancing.  Tara and Eggs finally hook up; so do Sam and Daphne (she admits to him that she knows he is a shapeshifter).  Maryann sneaks away to do whatever little ritual she does, and at that point her hands turn into demony hooves that match the deadly scratches that have been popping up all over town.

Tensions between Jason and his campmates boil over when he announces that he has been chosen to join Steve and Sarah's elite Soldiers of the Sun unit.  It is a promotion of the highest order, and one all the other church members have been working towards.  Mac accuses Jason of being nothing but a toy for Sarah, which Jason is deeply offended by, largely because he can't stop fantasizing about her.  It does not help any that, instead of moving into the filled-to-capacity dorm with the other Soldiers of the Sun, Jason stays in Steve and Sarah's house.

Eric zips out to Dallas for a meeting with Bill – interrupting his and Sookie's fun time (and driving her to the adult pay-per-view).  He finally admits why he is so concerned with the whereabouts of Dallas's vamp sheriff Godrich.  Godrich is twice as old as Eric, and immeasurably more powerful.  If a human can abduct him without a trace, what chance do the rest of them have?  Additionally, if the Dallas vamps don't get their leader back, they are going to start taking their aggressions out on humans – and that can't be good for vamp-human relations.  While Bill is meeting with Eric in the hotel bar, Jessica has room service deliver her a type B negative young man to feed on.  Sookie discovers that she can read the bellhop's mind – and he can read hers.  He runs before she has a chance to ask any questions.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode was densely packed with information.  It feels like the pieces are starting to fall into place.  I'm still trying to figure out what kind of succubus/goddess/demon Maryann is – any theories?  This season is definitely working towards a battle pitting Stackhouse against Stackhouse.  Does Sookie even know her brother is a member of the Church of the Light?  Anyway, while this episode was dense on info and light on action, it was also sprinkled with a more-than-generous helping of humor.  An all-around engrossing episode.  Is it just me or do these episodes feel longer than one hour? 

Blood Count

Perhaps the most blood-less episode yet?  Lafayette invites Eric into his house so he can feed on Eric's blood.  That is somehow a better option to him than going to the hospital for treatment of his infected wound.

Ass Factor

Lots of near-misses tonight: Sookie and Bill (interrupted by Eric); Sam and Daphne (her seduction of him interrupted when she admitted to knowing his secret); Jessica and Hoyt (though it seems likely she scored with her man-whore).  Eggs and Tara got it on, hard and heavy.  The only actual nudity was amongst Maryann's amorous party-goers.  The near-orgy turned into a splosh party of proportions nearly as epic as those of a particular topless reveler.

Myths Revamped

While playing vampire target practice with paintballs, Steve tells Jason that silver bullets don't actually kill vampires – just drops them for a few minutes.  The only arsenal that will work, Steve claims, is a wooden bullet, straight to the heart.  I have no idea in what universe a wooden bullet could even make it out of a gun.  Someone get the Mythbusters crew on the phone.

Biting Humor

Jason, Mac, and another dude are debating who the first Biblical vampire is – and Jason doesn't make any friends by suggesting it was Jesus.  Vampire talk inevitably turns to a debate on the root of evil.  After Mac astutely links the origins of the word "evil" to Eve, Mac assures Jason that "god will make sure evil gets punished."  Jason's response: "Oh yeah?  Then explain Europe to me."