Television Tourniquet: We Bite into 'True Blood' Episode 2.5


True Blood Episode 2.5
"Never Let Me Go"
Written by: Nancy Oliver
Directed by: John Dahl
Original Airdate: 19 July 2009

In This Episode…

Sookie desperately tries to befriend Barry the Mind-Reading Bellhop, but he's too freaked out by his own power and refuses to talk to her.  She, Bill and Eric meet up with Stan and Isabel, their Dallas vampire liaisons.  None of the undead can reach an agreement about how to find Godrich, so Sookie steps up and offers to infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun, read their minds, and find out where they are hiding Godrich.  Later that night, Sookie asks about Barry at the front desk, and is told he quit earlier in the day.  As the two are settling into bed for the night (day?), a femme fatale vamp is floating down the hallway, stopping just in front of Bill and Sookie's room…

Tara wakes up with Eggs in her bed, and Maryann in her kitchen, preparing a spread not dissimilar to that at her own house.  She tells Tara that "her" house wasn't her house at all, but that of a "client" who returned from abroad the night prior.  Translation: she, Carl, and Eggs need a new place to stay.  Since Tara herself is a guest in the Stackhouse home, she tells Maryann that they cannot stay.

Maryann won't accept that answer.  Later that night, she and Carl cruise up to Merlotte's, but don't enter.  From the parking lot, Maryann focuses her energy inside.  The staff (which includes a newly humbled and soft-spoken Lafayette) are at each others' throats, until they all turn on Tara.  When Tara returns home, physically and emotionally drained, she finds Maryann still at the house.  Pleased to see a friendly face, Tara relents and promises to ask Sookie if Maryann, Carl and Eggs can stay.

Over at the Light of Day Institute, day camp has turned into boot camp, and Jason is proving a true leader.  Steve has taken note of this, and lets Jason take a peek in their "R&D" lab: an arsenal of weaponry that would make the Branch Davidians weep.  Bows and arrows, automatic and semi-automatic guns, silver throwing stars (shaped like crosses), flame throwers, bullets of wood, silver, and holy water.  If you thought Steve left anything out, don't worry: the guillotine is on backorder.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode felt like it was there mainly to set up what will happen in coming episodes, namely Sookie infiltrating the Fellowship of the Light.  Sookie hasn't mentioned her brother once this season, and vice versa.  I would have to assume that she does not know her brother has been "born again" (unborn again?), so that's going to create some fun.  I'm getting really tired of this whole "Maryann is evil, but what kind of evil" game.  We get it.  She's like a Milk Dud: sweet on the outside, poison on the inside (to paraphrase The Simpsons).  Stop dicking us around and get to the conflict.  I suspect Mystery Vamp will increase the tension and spur Sookie to fits of jealousy.  Bring it – we need some more drama.  We also "learn" in this episode that the reason Eric is so vested in finding Godrich is because Godrich is his sire.  They play it up like some big revelation – complete with flashback – but I thought we already knew this. 

Blood Count

No one died, but Eric almost did, and he reveals his vampire birth, a thousand or so years ago, when he was a mortal Viking who had fallen in battle.

Ass Factor

Bill would have been satisfied to simply hold Sookie all night, but she wasn't having any of that.  Unfortunately, Sookie has the worst dirty talk ever: "I want you every which way."  Sam and Daphne had their own cheesy foreplay just before they fucked on the pool table: he complimented her rack, and she complimented his balls.  Even the preacher's wife has a dirty side.  Sarah sneaks into the bathroom while Jason is taking a bath, and slowly starts washing him while talking about how Mary Magdalene wasn't really as bad as people made her out to be.  Jason spurns her at first, but finally gives in to her WASPy hand job.

Myths Revamped

While at the vampire hotel, Sookie goes downstairs to get herself some breakfast.  When she leaves and returns, the drapes are open a bit, with sunlight pouring through.  Some of it lands on Bill, yet he does not burn.  I would have to assume that the window has a special coating on it to minimize the sun's effects…?  Maybe a special ultra-high UV coating…?  Who was watching the continuity here?  Additionally, Bill was not sleeping in his coffin, but in bed with Sookie, and didn't look any worse for it.