Television Tourniquet -- We Bite into the 'True Blood' Season 1 Finale!




True Blood episode 12
"You'll be the Death of Me"
Written by: Raelle Tucker
Directed by: Alan Ball
Original Airdate: November 23, 2008


In This Episode…


Jason is visited by Renee and Sookie as he sits in jail, completely convinced that he’s Amy’s killer.  Sookie tells Jason her theory about Cindy the pie girl’s brother as Renee eavesdrops on their conversation.  After both Sookie and Rene take their leave, Jason is visited by another sympathetic party from the vampire- hating Fellowship of the Sun.

Tara survives her first night in Mary Ann’s mansion and wakes under the Titian to find that not only has her fairy godmother left a bathrobe and breakfast for her, but also a bikini, bowls overflowing with fruit and a cute boy who knows his way around classical guitar. Tara is too distracted by the bacchanalian spread to notice her host having an extremely unusual interaction with a pig.

In the wake of Jason’s confession, things aren’t going well for Soookie back at Merlotte’s, and Renee kindly offers to take her home and stay with her until Sam gets off of work. It doesn’t take long for Renee to become too hyped up with blood lust to control his thoughts, and Sookie is shocked to discover that the killer is standing just inside her kitchen. After a race through the graveyard, and a dramatic fight where Renee nearly kicks Sam to death and Bill is almost burnt to a crisp, Sookie’s finally able to stop her attacker with a shovel through the neck.


Back at home, recuperating from Renee’s attack and surrounded by loved ones, Sookie promises Arlene that she will read the thoughts of any of her future boyfriends. All is forgiven between Sookie and the recently released Jason, and he promises Sookie that he’s turning his life around. Sam confronts Tara and demands that she give him a reason for her recent avoidance of his calls, when the reason comes rolling up the Stackhouse driveway in her red sports car. But Sam’s shock isn’t because of Tara’s new friend, it’s because Tara’s new friend has come back looking for him.


More surprises are on the way when Bill shows up, no longer crispy, at Sookie’s door – where he promptly regains boyfriend status. Unfortunately, Bill can’t stay a one-woman vamp for long, because Eric and Pam have had enough of babysitting vampire-gone-wild Jessica, and they’ve decided it’s time for Bill to fulfill his fatherly duties. Even though the killer is no longer a threat, all’s not well at Merlotte’s, where Lafayette has gone missing and Sam is filling garbage bags with money. Just when Detective Bellefleur thinks he’s out of his job, a brand new dead body, with shiny pink toenails, pops up… in the back of his car.

Blood Count


The ‘Cajun’ Renee certainly spiced up Bon Temps, but it was only a matter of time before his killing spree got him into trouble. He was a killer totally dedicated to his craft, holding onto his fake accent until he completely lost his head.


Ass Factor


I never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually getting used to seeing Sam naked. One thing I can’t figure out though: he’s always very careful to remove his shirt, but what happens to his pants?

Myths Revamped


If you’ve made the mistake of leaving your vampire out in the sun for a little too long, not to worry. You can just stick him back underground and in about six hours you’ll have a fully healed bloodsucker.


Hick of the Week


Terry wears the crown this week, but we can’t help but love him because there’s so much going on in that addled brain of his. He knows all along that Jason isn’t the killer and reassures Sookie in her time of need. His attempt to console Arlene with the words “Your hair is like a sunset after a bomb went off” might have been strange, but clearly came from the heart.  And he’s always there to help Lafayette out in the kitchen, even if “he’s ptsd-ing all over the clam chowder.”



The song “She’s a Devil in Disguise”, not to mention the dreamy mansion lighting and pig communication, was a not-so-subtle tip-off that Mary Ann isn’t your typical social worker, and probably not your typical human. Things between her and Tara will undoubtedly go south very soon.  Will Sam just leave town to escape his past or will he come to Tara’s rescue?


They’ve been hinting at it all season, but we have yet to find out the reason behind Andy Bellefleur’s rage toward Jason. People have long memories in Bon Temps, and it seems like Andy might be holding onto a grudge that started way before his time.


Poor sweet and innocent Hoyt, it looks like he might need more than Jason’s lucky leather jacket to find a good girlfriend, especially with the out-of-control Jessica looking for a date.


Things aren’t looking great for Lafayette, and with Tara on the mend, the show cannot risk the loss of Lafayette’s patented brand of sass. Let’s hope that pink toenail wasn’t his.


Bill’s daddy status is going to a little problematic for his relationship with Sookie. After all, the ravenous Jessica is definitely not going to control her thirst for humans.


Even after everything Eddie did for him, Jason is so brain-dead that he’s really going to take up with the vampire haters from the Fellowship of the Sun. Bill might want to think twice about entering the Stackhouse residence any time soon.