Television Tourniquet -- We Cut Open 'Dexter' 3.10!




Dexter: Episode 3.10
"Go Your Own Way"
Written By: Tim Schlattmann
Directed By: John Dahl
Original Airdate: November 30, 2008


In This Episode…

The cops bring in a suspect in Ellen Wolf’s murder.  He was at Ellen’s house around the time of the murders for a booty call.  Miguel thinks he’s home free – until Quinn finds out the suspect has an airtight alibi.  The suspect told LaGuerta that he saw a big, dark SUV with very, very bright headlights. Time to start worrying again, Miguel.


LaGuerta is stressed out.  Dexter keeps an eye on her – he’s afraid he will be easy pickings for Miguel.  If Miguel can get her in his pocket, then he has virtually nothing to worry about.  Miguel goes back to LaGuerta’s place… gets her drunk… commiserates over lost loved ones… reminiscing about when they used to date….  The talking turns to heavy petting, but it’s interrupted by Dexter, who just “had” to apologize to LaGuerta for a paperwork mixup.


Dexter had admitted to Rita that “Miguel isn’t who you think he is.”  Which, of course, Rita takes to mean that Miguel is having an affair – with LaGuerta.  She accidentally-on-purpose tells Sil, who goes to LaGuerta’s house.  Sil happens to arrive as LaGuerta is walking Miguel to his car.  Shit, meet fan.

Miguel thinks Dexter “tattled” on him, so he threatens to run an ethics probe on Deb (what with her sleeping with a key witness and all).  Dex doesn’t take kindly to this.  He heads over to the Prado home when only the housekeeper is there, and starts snooping for dirt on Miguel.  He finds it: one of Ellen’s rings at the bottom of his humidor.  He bags it and leaves a “calling card” in the form of a dry cleaning slip.  Miguel redeems it – for his blood-stained shirt.  Shit-covered fan, meet really pissed-off ADA.


Miguel and Dexter have a confrontation on the roof of the precinct.  Dexter remains cool while Miguel just loses his shit, threatening Dexter every which way.   He threatens to get the cops involved, plant evidence, tell Rita about his extracurricular activities.  My favorite line: “You might have the ring, but I’ve got City Hall!”  Miguel definitely has some inadequate penis issues.


Dexter leaves the roof, calm as ever, with a firm decision: he must kill Miguel.  Of course, Miguel has his own dirty tricks planned.  He is scheming with The Skinner, Jorge King, to get rid of Dexter.


Oh yeah, other stuff happened in this episode.  Anton found out that Quinn never had him on the books as a CI, and flips out.  Big, big fight with Deb – they have some issues to work out.  Batista’s girl, Barbara, is beaten up by a would-be john.  Batista has Dex run a DNA analysis on evidence, and finds the guy.  Dexter is hesitant to turn over the info,because he doesn’t want another friend to go down the dark path.  Batista resists, and arrests the guy legitimately.  And Sil kicks Miguel out of the house.


But let’s face it – all eyes are on Dexter who, as the episode ends, has been kidnapped, bound, and locked in Jorge’s trunk.

Dig It or Bury It?


This episode was so jam-packed with goodies it was hard to know where to start.  Admittedly, the whole “my blackmail is better than your blackmail” game Miguel and Dexter played was both annoying and riveting.  And it was awesome to see Miguel lose his shit, while Dexter remained fully zen.  I’m pretty much over the Deb/Anton romance.  The Barbara/Batista romance is totally sweet – and normally I don’t give a rat’s ass about that.  But I half expected Batista to propose to Barbara right there in the hospital room.


Flashback to the Future


Harry made no appearances in this episode at all.  The only reference to him was in passing, towards the end.  Dexter finally admits to himself that his dad was right about Miguel.




This episode totally made up for the foul-language gap in the past few episodes.  When Deb wakes up to realize that Anton spent the night and his protective detail will notice, she screams (in a sleepy haze): “Cocksuck! Motherfuck!” and “I’m gonna get a shitload of shit for this.”  Later, when Vince is on the phone with the “entertainment” for Dexter’s bachelor party, he screams, “Take your sorry and shove it up your ass!”  Finally, on the roof with Dexter, Miguel says what could also double as a pick-up line: “You fuck me, I will fuck you back in ways you have never imagined!”

Body Bags


This is, I think, the first episode to have not a single corpse.




While in the trunk of the car, Dexter says to himself, “Is this how it ends?” and “I’m fucked.”  These words are not particularly threatening, as it is common knowledge the show got picked up for two more seasons.  And I don’t see the show changing its title to Miguel – just doesn’t have the same ring.  So I think it’s safe to say that Dex will be fine.  I don’t foresee Miguel being killed off – he’s just too good of a character.  But I would like to see him go to prison – no, a hospital for the criminally insane, where he’ll rant about how Dexter turned him into a monster.  Someone check on Jimmy Smits’s schedule.