Television Tourniquet -- We Cut Open 'Dexter' 3.11!


Dexter Episode 3.11
“I Had a Dream”
Written by:  Lauren Gussis and Chic Eglee
Directed by: Marcos Siega
Original Airdate: December 7, 2008


In This Episode…


We pick up right where we left off – with Dexter bound in the trunk of a car.  He wiggles free of his duct tape restraints, and steels himself.  The car stops.  The trunk opens.  Dexter punches his kidnapper in the face.  It’s Vince.

Vince and the guys from the department pulled a kidnap for his bachelor party.  Motherfuckers!  Cruel, cruel, cruel. 

The next day at work, the guys are all a mess in their own ways.  LaGuerta is going over the interrogation tape of the suspect in Ellen Wolf’s murder.  She puts the pieces together, and Miguel is now suspect number 1 in her mind.   He comes over that night for dinner.  Under the pretense of getting beer from the car, she goes into Miguel’s SUV and sweeps for hair samples.  Dexter sees this, and immediately steps up his plan to kill Miguel.  He does not want LaGuerta caught up in all this.  But when Miguel leaves later, he notices that his tailgate is ajar.




Dexter tests the samples for LaGuerta.  While he is trying to decide whether or not to give her the reports, she helps herself to them.  Of course, Ellen’s hair is a match.  Miguel’s computer is set to notify him when Ellen’s name pops up in the city law enforcement database.  It comes up with LaGuerta’s name.  Yup.  All fucked up.


Dexter steps up his plans to kill Miguel.  A routine stalking trip to Miguel’s hotel yields the computer search and a life vest (meaning he’s been back to the hardware store for supplies).  The kill is tonight. 

Dexter finds Miguel at LaGuerta’s empty house.  An easy sedation, back to the kill room (Ellen’s home office).  Miguel tries reasoning with Dexter, begging him.  Basically he becomes a whiny little girl, telling Dexter that he can change.  “I love you like a brother!” he insists.  That’s when Dexter tells him that he killed Miguel’s brother.  Then he kills Miguel.

Also of note this episode: Deb & Quinn get close to the Skinner, Jorge King.  Close enough for Quinn to tackle him to the ground – and get slashed across the face with a knife.  King escapes again – he is like a ghost.  And Dex accidentally-on-purpose lets slip to Deb that Harry had an affair with one of his CIs.  Deb hits up a friend in records to get all the info on his CIs.

Dig It or Bury It?

Those motherfuckers fooled me – fooled all of us – with that phony kidnapping.  That is damn near unforgivable.  Not cool, man.  Not cool.  But then, as a sort of apology, the bachelor party is littered with lots of strippers.  Naked girls are the sincerest form of apology.

And I’ve got to say, just catch the damn Skinner already.  He’s way too slippery.  They have him, they don’t have him.  With next week being the finale, I’m sure there will be some closure.  But otherwise, a rockin’ episode.  Dexter is so deviously charming when he is manipulating people – like the maid he tips to open up Miguel’s hotel room for “turndown” service.

And Dexter asks Deb to be his “best man” at the wedding.  About fucking time!  Come on, she was my first choice from the get-go.

Flashback to the Future

Harry pops up when Dexter is in the trunk of the car.  Dex thinks it is an “I told you so” moment, but Harry insists that he was there for moral support – he thought that Dexter was brave for wanting a normal life.   He also shows up to help Dexter work out some of the logistics of killing Miguel, which would be Dexter’s biggest kill.


Ah Deb, you (almost) never let us down.  Tonight, we get an “Oh my fuck.  Holy Jesus on a stick,” an “abso-fucking-lutely,” a “fucking mother Mary,” and a “ball-crushing mindfuck of a secret” (when Dex tells her about Harry’s infidelity).

Body Bags

Only one, but the most important one: Miguel Prado.  Strangled.  Dexter said he was going to frame the Skinner for Miguel’s murder, but I don’t remember the Skinner’s victims being strangled. 


Next week is the season finale, and I have one thing to say: there better not be a cliffhanger.

Okay, I have more to say.  It looks like the wedding is going through next week.  I think that will definitely be a go, but it has to be fraught with problems.  Dexter is shown tied up in what may have been a lumber mill (do they have many of those in Miami?), so maybe Jorge King finally gets to him?  Remember, he was in cahoots with Miguel, and just because Miguel is dead doesn’t mean King has forgotten that Dexter knows the whereabouts of Freebo.  I am undecided about whether or not the Skinner will be caught.  Maybe he will be kept on as the “big bad” for next season.  I feel like there is more going on with his story. That it won’t be wrapped up in just one more episode.

Also, the cops find Miguel’s body – not too hard, since Dexter dumped him in plain sight.  Ramon, Miguel’s brother, blames Dexter and creates problems for him – threats, B&E, the usual for an alcoholic thug.  I just don’t feel like that storyline is going to go anywhere.  Oscar will be arrested or kill himself by the end of the episode.