Television Tourniquet -- We Cut Open 'Dexter': Episode 3.9!



"About Last Night"
Story by: Scott Reynolds
Teleplay by: Melissa Rosenberg
Directed by: Tim Hunter
Original Airdate: November 23, 2008

In This Episode… 

Sil pops in on Dexter and Rita early one morning, picking up right where we left off.  She thinks Miguel is having an affair just because he didn’t come home til dawn.  Please.  There could have been a million other things he was doing all night – like killing a criminal defense attorney.  Which is precisely where he was.  When Dex goes to confront Miguel, he weasels out of Dexter’s questions.  So Dex pops over to the local cemetery – the only way Miguel knows of to dispose of a body.  Four fresh graves for Dexter to poke through.  He hits the “jackpot” on grave #2.


Dexter meets up with Miguel for lunch.  Not only does he not deny killing Ellen, he also makes light of killing Skinner suspect George King when the cops don’t have enough evidence to file charges.  This pisses off Dexter, and he needs to teach Miguel a lesson.  He goes back to the cemetery and uncovers Ellen’s corpse enough so that anyone could discover her (“anyone” happens to be two kids using the graveyard as their own personal playground).

Miguel is hanging around the precinct when Ellen’s body is called in, and he heads out to the crime scene.  He realizes Dexter is teaching him a lesson and apologizes.  Dex thinks he has learned his lesson, until he talks to Rita and realizes that the “epiphany” Dexter helped Miguel reach is, word for word, the same epiphany that Rita helped him reach that same day.  Dexter’s bullshit detector explodes, and he rushes to the lab to test Miguel’s shirt, the one covered in Freebo’s blood, the one Miguel gave to Dexter as “insurance”.  The bullshit detector was right – that blood was bovine.   Dexter is both relieved and horrified – he didn’t create a monster; he was used by a monster.  It’s on.


Meanwhile, Deb and Quinn bring in King for questioning in the Skinner case.  He’s unflappable.  Meanwhile, King’s foreman Mario is too flappable – he’s too terrified to talk.  Without Mario squawking, they have nothing to hold King on (especially when Miguel goes into the interrogation room to “cut a deal” with King – he obviously doesn’t work too hard at it, as he wants King all for himself).  Deb plots with Quinn: take Mario home, where his trees have been trimmed, hoping to scare some information out him.  It works.  He tells of a small shed King rents.  Quinn drives the car through the cinderblock wall, and they discover Anton – in shock but alive.


Dig It Or Bury It?


The first half of this episode was pretty slow, but the second half more than makes up for it.  Dexter actually feels remorse!  He apologizes to Ellen’s corpse.  And he does seem truly sorry over her death.  Not just because Miguel broke his trust or because now Dexter could be in jeopardy, but because Ellen did not deserve to die.



Flashback to The Future


Harry shows up a number of times in this episode, but only briefly.  He’s there just for an “I told you so.”  At first, Dexter defends his “friend” to his father.  But once he has confirmation that Miguel broke Dexter’s – and Harry’s – code, he’s just focused on making things right.



Nada.  Zilch.  None.  This episode could have aired on network TV.


Body Bags


Just one this week: Ellen Wolf.  When the cops pull her out of her shallow grave, she looks pretty hideous for only being dead twenty-four hours or so.  Eyes milky, skin blue… you can almost smell the decay through the TV.  According to Masuka, cause of death could have been any number of things.  She was badly beaten, strangled, and stabbed three times.  About the only thing Miguel didn’t do was decapitate her.




I think it’s safe to say that Miguel will no longer be Dexter’s best man.  Dexter says he has two options in dealing with Miguel.  One: kill him.  Two: get Miguel under his thumb – and keep him there.  I think Dexter’s going to try to be diplomatic about things, but when he can’t reel Miguel in, he’s going to die.  It has to happen, especially when Miguel threatens an ethics investigation on Deb.  No one messes with Dexter’s sister!