Television Tourniquet: We Enter 'The Gates' 1.2


The Gates Episode 1.2
What Lies Beneath
Written By: Grant Scharbo
Directed By: David Barrett
Original Airdate: 27 June 2010

In This Episode...
The investigation into the murder of former police chief continues.  Nick talks to Chad, former officer who had been fired for “insubordination” when a few of the reports he filed disappeared, and he had the gall to ask about it.  Missing incidents included one where Claire was pulled over for erratic driving and discovered with blood on her sleeve (she spilled blood her husband gave her, and passed it off as a nosebleed) and Simon Ford, were-father of jock Lucas.  Claire claimed she paid off the chief and Simon claimed he was extorted out of the money.  Digging into the chief’s financials revealed that he had hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property that he could never afford on a sheriff’s wage. 

Once he was fired, Chad was expelled from The Gates.  He claims that he hadn’t seen or spoken to the chief in over a year, but his prints are all over the $80,000 SUV that the chief bought only three months prior.  Chad is arrested for the chief’s murder.

Dylan is getting annoyed with Claire’s addiction and is worried that her problem will put the family in jeopardy.  Claire swears she has it under control, and finally gives in and visits Devon.  Devon draws a vial of her blood and swears by morning all the trouble with her dead contractor will be over.

Also: Andie discovers a long, thick bluish vein spidering across her back, which Peg promises is due to stress; Simon is abusive to son Lucas, who then takes his anger out on Charlie at school; Brett tells Andie he loves her, but the next day Lucas sees her kissing Charlie.

Dig It or Bury It?
A dull, dull second episode.  I realize that The Gates is soapy, but this episode wasn’t even trashy.  It is only episode two and I am already getting bored with Claire and Dylan’s constant bickering.  This high school drama is equally dull.  The kids are such goody-goodies I felt like I was watching the Mormon Brady Bunch.  I know they are building to some good stuff, but I am very impatient.  Can we just get a little more monster action?  Please?

Tasty Treats
There is something wonderful and forbidden about Devon’s special tea blends.  They are pricey, but desired worldwide.  She seems to have a special blend for each customer.

No one died.  No one got attacked.  No one cut themselves shaving.  The only blood that was spilled belonged to a deer that Simon and Lucas were slicing and dicing for dinner.

Creature Feature
We did get a new creature tonight.  Peg tells Andie’s dad that her “rash” isn’t due to stress.  She has developed her mother’s succubus condition.  Peg is adamant that daddy tell his little girl so they can start treatment.  Otherwise, any boy she goes near will be in mortal danger.  Peg does not detail any problems Andie might have if she decides to swing the other way.

Next week holds promise.  The were-boys escape The Gates, only to discover that the community is on lockdown by order of Chief Monohan.  More interestingly, another vampire comes to town, and he draws Claire into a naughty three-way neck orgy in a dirty back alley.