Television Tourniquet: We Set Sail for 'Harper's Island' -- Episode 2!


Harper's Island Episode 2 "Crackle"
Written By: Jeffrey Bell
Directed By: Sanford Bookstaver
Original Airdate: 16 April 2009

Dig It or Bury It?

Definitely less soapy than the last episode, which I like.  Still wasn't super-duper action-packed.  The deaths this episode were not as good (see below).  In general, I did not find this episode very absorbing.  There were lots of brief moments and snippets of scenes that seem to have little-to-no value to the story.  I am sure they will be relevant later on, or are meant to throw the viewer off the scent.  But there were too many this episode, and just bogged the story down.  I'm giving this episode a "meh."

In This Episode…

Abby goes for a morning jog.  She runs into Jimmy and Shane, who are hunting deer.  Abby talks them out of shooting the deer, which pisses off an already angry Shane.  When the guys finally make it back to their truck, the deer has been slaughtered and splayed out across the hood.  "Psycho" is written in blood on the windshield.

Trish and Henry have organized a "get to know you, get to know the island" scavenger hunt.  The party breaks up into four groups, but only one of true consequence: Abby, Joel, Cal, and Lucy.  They head to the roadhouse where Cal gets wicked-drunk when he loses at the bride and groom drinking game trivia.  In his stupor, he whines about how Sully tricked him into switching teams so that he could get closer to Chloe.  The rest of the group convinces Cal to go win her back.  He stumbles off, and falls victim to a hunter's trap: a rope grabs him by the ankle and strings him upside down in a tree.  Sully stumbles upon him later, steals Cal's map, and promises to return with more help.

While at the bar, Abby runs into Kelly.  Kelly's mom was also killed by John Wakefield, so they share a dark bond.  Kelly is truly relieved to see Abby back – Abby is the only one who understands her pain.  She begs Abby to let her crash with her in Los Angeles, but Abby isn't too sure – especially when Kelly insists she has seen John Wakefield – not in her dreams, but alive, walking around, coming for her.  Abby is spooked, even when she assures the younger girl that her father shot Wakefield dead.

Trish's dad, Thomas, is deep in conversation with Hunter.  Hunter wants to give up on winning Trish back, but Thomas won't let him.  "I went to considerable expense to bring you out here," he hisses.  Insinuations are made that Hunter got into trouble with one of Trish's college boyfriends.  Beat the crap out of him, perhaps?  In any case, Trish walks in on this conversation and is none too pleased.  Daddy rushes after daughter, and insists that it is the other way around: Hunter came to the island hoping to win Trish back, and Thomas was trying to send him away.  She believes him.

Henry heads back to the hotel room and sees a pool of blood.  He follows the trail into the bathroom… peeks in the tub… it is a head… the deer's head.  Shane has slipped it in there as a warning to JD – the two of them have more issues with each other than they do with themselves.  Abby walks in on Henry cleaning up, and promises to talk to Jimmy while Henry cleans.  Jimmy promises to talk to Shane, and admits that everyone on the island was happy that Abby returned.  Abby pops by Kelly's house to tell her that she can crash with her in LA.  Kelly goes straight to JD with the news – he is upstairs, waiting to fuck her.

Later that night, Henry and Trish host a bonfire on the beach – everyone is invited.  Trish gets a text from "Uncle Marty," stating that he met a hottie, and will see them at the wedding.  Shane shows up at the bonfire, and Henry wastes no time punching him out.  During the melee, Lucy's pocket dog, Gigi, runs off, and she gives chase.  Chloe is worried when she can't find Cal.  Sully realizes he forgot about the Brit, and goes with Chloe and Abby to find him.  He is where Sully left him, upside down and completely still.  Chloe's tender kiss wakes him.

Harper's Globe

Robin returns to the island after her fight with Brent – the same time the Wellington wedding party is pulling in.  Robin laments over her failed attempt at college – she just didn't feel like she fit in there.  She also whines over Brent: "he's texting me! Why doesn't he just call?"  She sucks it up and goes over there… finds his door ajar… a broken lamp on the floor…. Before she can find Brent, Cheshire Cat sneaks up on her, filming as he goes.  He tries to hand her a VHS (who the hell still has a VHS player?) and she instantly goes into attack mode.  The two scuffle and Robin escapes, but her good luck necklace falls behind.

We also get some much better footage of Dangerous Wreck's torture chamber – he is branding his victims.

Harper's Deaths

Three – count ‘em – three deaths this episode.  First up, the priest who is to marry Trish and Henry.  He is strolling through the forest, nibbling on a scone, when he steps in the same type of trap that snares Cal later in the episode.  But the priest is scarcely in the air before his head is lopped off.

Next is Kelly.  She is last seen screwing JD, but is discovered later that night by Nikki.  Kelly has been hanged from the rafters in her living room.

The final – and most spectacular – death belongs to Lucy.  When she runs after little Gigi, she falls into one of those giant hidden "tiger" traps.  You know the one – a giant pit is dug in the ground, then loosely covered with palm fronds and sundry greenery, so that an unsuspecting victim will fall through.  But Lucy is not lucky enough for a quick death.  Instead, the killer pours gasoline over her, and tosses in a match.  Lucy burns to death right before Gigi's eyes.


Madison tells Abby that the spirits told her she will not get the chance to be a flower girl.  Is Madison next on the chopping block, or will that honor go to Henry and Trish?  Abby thinks that whoever is killing everyone is really after her.  Self-centered much? 

Does anyone have any theories on who the killer is? Check out Episode 1 below!

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