Television Tourniquet: We Set Sail for 'Harper's Island' -- Episode 3!


Harper's Island Episode 1.3 "Ka-Blam"
Written By: Jill Blotevogel
Directed By: Steve Boyum
Original Airdate: 23 April 2009 

In This Episode…

The Wellingtons (and soon-to-be Wellingtons) are skeet shooting when someone slips a note to Henry.  The note disturbs him, but he pushes it out of his mind until he is alone, when we find out that the note says Hunter was staying at the local motel.  Henry heads over there and snoops around in his room.  He finds Hunter's travel itinerary – billed to Mr. Wellington.  Hunter, who earlier had busted in on Trish as she tried on wedding lingerie, and was thoroughly rejected, goes to Mr. Wellington with an ultimatum:  I leave the island tonight with $50,000 of your money, or I tell Trish.

Kelly is being autopsied.  While the sheriff and the M.E. are first working on the assumption of suicide, neither seems entirely convinced.  Kelly is covered with tattoos to remind her of the Wakefield legacy: a taunt to the murderer, and an image of her mother strung up in a tree.  Her eyes are filled with what looks like blood – possible side effect of the hanging, but towards the end of the episode, the M.E. discovers that it was red ink, proving Kelly's death to be murder. 

The sheriff tells Abby quietly about Kelly's death, so she doesn't hear it through the grapevine.  Abby is horrified, and adamant that Kelly would not have killed herself.  This prompts her to start her own mini-investigation.  After she talks to JD about Kelly's death (his eyes say he is surprised; his words sound unconcerned), JD goes for a walk to clear his head – and he is run down by a red truck.  Shane's red truck.

JD is hidden in the covered bed of the truck while the sheriff talks to Shane for a minute.  He is then transferred to Shane's creepy serial killer-esque work shed.  Bound and gagged, Shane places JD in a noose, his tippy-toes just barely scraping the chair beneath him for support.  This is how Abby finds them when she goes in search of Shane.  She insists that Shane not blame himself or JD for Kelly's death – she was murdered.  The sheriff breaks things up before they get too out of hand, and hauls Shane away.  Later, upon investigating Kelly's house, the sheriff discovers a box of Wakefield-related news clippings.  One article has a picture of the sheriff… but his eyes have been colored red, and a message added: "I found her.  Now you find me."

Meanwhile, Trish has a note slipped beneath her door:  "Let's make this work.  Room 214."  It's signed Hunter.  Trish is uncertain, but drawn down the hallway.  Slowly, slowly, hand on the knob… then she sees her engagement ring and backs off.  Good thing, too, for it was Henry in that room – it was all a test.  At that evening's cocktail party, Henry confronts Mr. Wellington about his plot with Hunter.  He assures his future father-in-law that he will not tell Trish, but he also won't be intimidated away.  Too bad for Daddy – Trish overhears and whisks Henry away.  Hunter shows up, and from across the room, Mr. Wellington agrees to Hunter's demands and tells him to meet him outside, all with the slightest gesture.

Hunter gets the motorboat warmed up, and Mr. Wellington delivers him a check.  Hunter takes off across the water.  He is several miles out before he notices a strange leather duffle bag.  Uncle Marty's bag, stuffed with cash and a gun.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode was creeping back into All My Children territory.  Hopefully with Hunter out of the picture, the soapy elements will drift away and get replaced with more gore and creepiness.  A new relationship was revealed in this episode that will likely prove very entertaining for several episodes to com: it seems Trish's stepmother and Trish's brother-in-law are having a very naughty affair, loaded with BDSM overtones.  The affair was revealed as if the brother-in-law was going to rape stepmom, but please – anyone reading this website would be able to see through that ruse in a second.  I hope they don't puss out on exploring the affair.

Harper's Deaths

Miles from shore, the engine on Hunter's motorboat dies.  He opens the hatch to check it out, only to discover it was booby-trapped – a shotgun blows away his face before he can register it.  It's a quick death, brutal in its surprise, but tame compared to the other deaths this far.  Uncle Marty was cut in half; Lucy was immolated.  But Hunter's death was so fast he probably didn't feel anything.

Harper's Prophecies?

I still have no strong suspects in mind.  I feel like we can rule out JD (too obvious) and most of the miscellaneous wedding party who are more fodder than anything else.  Cal doesn't seem very likely, but maybe that accent is throwing me off.  Mr. Wellington seems to be on the fence for me.  On the one hand, it is a very "too obvious" thing, but, on the other hand, he just seems like he has the heart of a killer.  And don't discount the flower girl, Madison.  Never discount the kids.  They are creepy and evil, I tell you!

Harper's Globe

In this week's webisode, Robin goes to the sheriff in a panic when she discovers Brent is missing and she is attacked in his house.  The sheriff is dismissive of her, but she enlists in the aid of her loyal internet following to call in and voice their concerns.  Enough calls come in that the cops take her to investigate Brent's house.  When the arrive, the door is locked tight.  Without a warrant or signs of a crime, there is nothing they can do.

Dangerous Wreck is finally done with his torture.  It was all a fraternity hazing.  The captors removed their masks, and the victim walks into the next room, where a party awaits.  Dangerous Wreck does follow the "victim" and make a weak threat about this "not being over."  The drunken college kids don't seem too concerned.

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