Television Tourniquet: We Set Sail for 'Harper's Island' -- Episode 4!


Harper's Island Episode 1.4 "Bang"
Written by:  Lindsay Sturman
Directed by:  Guy Bee
Original Airdate: 2 May 2009

In This Episode…

It's everyone's favorite part of getting married: the bachelor and bachelorette parties.  The boys plan on taking Henry fishing, followed by booze and a stripper at the Cannery.  The girls will get tarot readings, followed by a tea party with Trish's mother's china.

The boys head out fishing, and have a great time until they come across Hunter's boat, his faceless corpse crumpled into an unrecognizable pile.  The guys freak out, but the body is soon the least of their concerns, when they spot the bag of money at the bottom of the boat.  Henry wants to immediately report the scene to the cops, but their plan quickly changes when Malcolm – desperately broke after sinking every penny into a microbrew and failing to find an investor in Mr. Wellington – decides he needs that money desperately, and steals it.  Back on dry land, the boys discover they have $250,000 to split amongst them.  Henry – focused on his wedding – decides to hide the money for a few days until they can figure out what to do.

The girls, meanwhile, are setting up for the tea party.  Trish goes looking for her stepmother, and finds her in the wine cellar – blindfolded, bound, whimpering, and hanging by her wrists.  Richard, Trish's brother-in-law, steps out of the shadows and reveals Katherine's situation as part of their raunchy sex games.  Trish, horrified, runs out without being spotted, but tells Henry.  Henry later confronts Richard, who shows zero remorse.  The party is understandably tense after that, even when Katherine hands out customized wedding tracksuits for the wedding party.  Things get even worse when the wedding planner alerts Trish and Shae that, somehow, every piece of their mother's china has been smashed to bits.

This is the last straw for the already inebriated Trish – she is now balls-out drunk.  Wandering around the hotel grounds, she falls into the pool.  It's all fine and dandy, until the electric pool cover slides closed, and Trish is trapped.  Just as she is blacking out, someone pulls her to safety – Richard.  Henry shows up just moments later, and is instantly suspicious.

Dig It or Bury It?

Definitely a weak episode.  First off, I am completely annoyed with the troubled, whiny Abby.  Everything is a memory, everything is bad… Look, I get it, your mom being brutally slaughtered is something you don't get over.  But are you really going to be that person who can't get past it?  To add insult to injury, the death in this episode was the worst one ever.

Harper's Dead

Tonight's body comes to you courtesy of Joel Booth, "The Nerd."  He draws the short straw and must go hide the money in the forest.  Malcolm stumbles upon him, and Booth pulls a gun out of fear.  He relaxes when he discovers it is his friend.  A shot rings out, and Malcolm thinks he has been shot, but instead it's Booth.  He accidentally shot himself in the leg and bleeds to death in Malcolm's arms.

Harper's Prophecies

I think that the producers are trying to point a finger at Richard, but I don't think he's the killer.  Perhaps he's next week's victim?  I'm hopeful that the next death will be big, bad, and brutal.  I also have significant doubts that Booth shot himself.

Meanwhile on Harper's Globe...

Robin finally acknowledges Dangerous Wreck's creepy videos, and asks that he stops posting them.  Later, she finds a set of keys at Brent's house that belong to Cheshire Cat.  With some help from the wedding planner at the Inn, Robin finds the house that belongs to the keys, and investigates.  She finds a TV playing a video (who has video still?) of Robin and Brent skinny dipping, then panics, realizing someone is in the house.

It seems that the videos Dangerous Wreck has been posting were frat house pledge videos from a few years ago – where Robin was the guy's resident advisor, and apparently ratted them out for hazing pranks.