'The Third Man' - 'Supernatural' Episode 6.3


Supernatural Episode 6.3
“The Third Man”
Written By: Ben Edlund
Directed By: Bob Singer
Original Airdate: 8 October 2010

In This Episode...

Sam and Dean investigate the biblical deaths of three cops.  The first turned to a puddle of blood.  The second was covered with huge, hideous boils - inside and out.  The third had his brain eaten away by locusts.  The boys call Cas, and he explains that these deaths could only be as a result of Moses’s staff.  Several of heaven’s weapons were stolen, and in the wrong hands - Raphael’s soldiers - they could bring about the apocalypse the Winchesters fought so hard to avoid.

Turns out the three cops shot a young man, then planted a gun on him to make it a just killing.  The guy’s little brother prayed and prayed for the cops to suffer consequences.  His prayers were answered by Balthazar, who sold the kid a small piece of Moses’s staff to use to get his own vengeance.  Balthazar is one of Raphael’s soldiers.  They want to rule heaven because they are “traditionalists” and want to get the apocalypse back on track.  Whoever has the weapons wins the war.

Cas, Dean and Sam find Balthazar, who calls for Raphael and a few of his cronies.  A very brief battle ensues (see below).  The lackeys are killed off almost instantly. Balthazar turns Raphael to salt with the help of a magic crystal.  Dean traps Balthazar in a ring of holy fire, but once Balthazar gives the kid his soul back, Cas sets him free.

Dig It or Bury It?

Like so many episodes of Supernatural, this one suffered for fourth act problems.  The Old Testament-style deaths were delightfully gross, and it was an intriguing story line.  But then the cops are dead and the staff is located, but there is more story to tell - and only about 12 minutes to do so.  For example, Dean and Sam battle a couple rogue angels.  Well, not so much as “battle” as Dean smacks the wall, where he has drawn a cartoonish button with symbols on it, and magically makes the angels go poof.  Where the hell did that come from?  It makes sense that an angel can relocate in the blink of an eye, but it also makes it too easy to get the angels where you need them with no explanation or continuity.  But I was totally with them up to that point.

Blood Brothers

The episode begins with a cop who suddenly sees huge chunks of flesh falling away, peeling off, and liquifying.  The cop collapses, but the moment he hits the ground he explodes into a huge gooey puddle.  Everything - even his bones - turned to blood.  The second cop falls victim to huge, throbbing, yellowish boils.  I was a little disappointed that none of the boils exploded.  The third cop’s death was my favorite.  The Winchester boys are interviewing him, and he is acting really sketchy - erratic and almost nonsensical.  He drops dead right in front of them.  A strange humming noise piques Sam and Dean’s attention.  They remove the cop’s hat and discover a huge, bloody hole in the cop’s skull, and finds a half-dozen locusts crawling in, out, and around the brain cavity.

Sibling Rivalry

By the episode’s end, Dean is starting to become suspicious of his brother.  Since coming back from hell, he just seems “different.”  When Cas wanted to put the young boy through excruciating pain in order to get the angel’s name, Sam had no qualms.  Dean also noticed that Sam hasn’t been “traumatized” by his trip to hell.  I have suspected that Sam is himself since the moment he showed up this season, but had the feeling confirmed when early in the episode, he is paying off a hooker.  Apparently he rocked her world, so much so that she wanted him to call her on her off day.

Spooky Humor

Now that Sam has his own hunter car - a sporty Japanese model - Dean can’t help but tease him about it.  Dean calls Sam’s car a piece of plastic; Sam snidely reminds Dean that he gets horrible gas mileage.  When Cas and Balthazar come face to face initially, they struggle and tumble out of a tenth story window.  The angels crash down onto Sam’s car, totaling it.  Dean: “Ok, silver lining.”


Looks like Supernatural is going on a brief hiatus, for all we got was a montage of clips that, honestly, look like they could be from a half-dozen episodes.  Among the highlights: Dean believes he is cursed; the boys think they are investigating vampires - turns out they are investigating douchebags (aka Twilight characters); and a guy gets fed into a woodchipper.