'True Blood' Season 6 Autopsy



Strue bloodeason six was the best season of True Blood in several years. It is never going to be a “good” show to the level of, say, Breaking Bad, but it no longer feels like a child’s fairytale (an occasionally dirty fairytale). Nor was it a rehashing of generic supernatural mythologies (witches) or power struggles (the Authority).

Let’s make some predictions for season seven. First off, Eric is not dead. He’s just not. Watching him light on fire in the season finale, I didn’t think he was dead for even one second. I assume Pam is going to get there in time to save him - she had blood more recently than Eric, so there is a chance that she will have a few minutes more daywalking time than Eric. Maybe some human passerby will save him. But Eric is not dead. No puddle of vampire viscera = no true death.

Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but I really, really hope the fairy business is done. Niall’s magical return at the end of season six probably means it won’t be, but that was the icing on an absurdist cake. The werewolves will finally have a use next season, because I bet they will not be happy about Alcide dating a non-wolf.

Things won’t go well between Jason and Violet. I imagine her insane jealousy will cause problems, maybe turn Violet violent. I think there are two likely scenarios with the Nicole / Sam storyline. Either she won’t be able to handle the pressure of being a young mother and bail, or she will die in childbirth. (Her human vagina will be unable to handle the birth of a supernatural creature.) Either way, Sam will be left as a single dad. I just really hope he doesn’t hook up with Arlene.

With Bill the new spokesperson for the vampire movement, Jessica is going to be a little lost. I don’t know if the James thing will last. But with baby vamp Tara and baby-er vamp Willa (who will be a series regular next year) without their makers, I think Jessica will step in as Mama Vamp.

And, of course, zombies. Well, vampire zombies - but zombies none the less. I hope / assume this will up the carnage quotient considerably.

What are you thinking? Where will season seven end up?