'TS-19' - 'The Walking Dead' Episode 1.6


The Walking Dead Episode 1.6
Written By: Adam Fierro and Frank Darabont
Directed By: Guy Ferland
Original Airdate: 5 December 2010

In This Episode...

Jenner is wary of the band of survivors that have showed up at his doorstep, and insists on administering blood tests. Everyone passes. Their first night at the CDC is as close to normal as anyone has come since the outbreak. They enjoy hot showers, cots, rooms with doors, a big dinner, and lots of wine. A rec room supplies checkers for the kids and books for the adults. It's paradise. Almost. Shane, drunk off his ass, confronts Lori about his love for her. He tries to rape her, but is thwarted when she gouges him in the neck with her fingernails and runs.

The next morning comes with a horrible hangover, and some painful truths. Jenner explains that when zombies come back from the dead, only the primal instincts in the brain are active; hence the mindless wandering. They don't know the base cause of the infection, but the gestation period could be as long as eight hours, as short as three minutes. Jenner has been without communication with other people for nearly a month, though last he heard, France was still standing. Many of his fellow scientists left to be with their families. As the infection spread, many others fled. The rest committed suicide, unable to face the idea of what is out there.

Dale asks why there was a giant countdown clock on the wall. That is how much longer the emergency generators will run. When they shut down, "facility-wide decontamination" will take place. Translation: an aerosol explosion will essentially light the air on fire in a massive explosion, second in intensity only to a nuclear explosion. Obviously, Rick and the rest are pissed. Jenner tries to calm them down by telling them it will be a quick, painless death, far more humane than what awaits them outside. After much arguing, bargaining, and cajoling, Jenner finally lets them out of the mission control area, but there is nothing he can do about the doors upstairs.

Jacqui decides that she wants the quick death with Jenner. Andrea, depressed over Amy's death and terrified of the wasteland that awaits, decides she wants to stay, too. Dale is horrified at the thought, and with only four minutes before decontamination, stays behind to try to change Andrea's mind. Upstairs, the rest of the group is having no luck getting the front doors open. Axes, chairs, and guns all fail against the thick glass. Carol has a grenade she found in Rick's uniform, and that does the trick. The gang makes it to their caravan in the nick o' time. Dale has changed Andrea's mind, and they make it out too.

Dig It or Bury It?

I liked it. It was a good way to end the season. Enough resolution to not feel like there was a cliffhanger, but with enough promise ahead to make for an interesting season two. Despite the significant lack of zombies, there was some good stuff to be had in this episode. A full range of emotions made it into the episode: happiness, optimism, fear, anger, hatred, sadness.

Wisdom of the Walking Dead

Rick tells Jenner that he is grateful for all of his help. "The day will come when you won't be," Jenner tells him. He then leans in and whispers into Rick's ear. We do not get to hear what he says.

Kill of the Week

The episode opened with a flashback to Shane trying to evacuate Rick from the hospital (he didn't lie; he listened for a heartbeat in his best friend, but couldn't find one). The military came into the hospital under the guise of evacuating the staff, but instead they rounded them up and shot them execution-style in the hallway. The military got their comeuppance though. The sound of gunshots drew in the zombies, who broke down the doors and ate whoever was standing.


I may go a little mad trying to decide what Jenner said to Rick. I suspect it wasn't "Your wife is a fine piece of ass."  The bad news is that we will have to wait 11 months for the next season.  The good news is that it is pretty much a sure thing that next season will be 12 episodes.