TV Autopsy: 'Grimm' Season Two



First, I have to say congrats to Grimm for making it into a successful second season, and getting me totally hooked in the process. When the show first premiered, I was underwhelmed by cheap FX, a flimsy premise, and a cast that hadn’t jelled yet. But I have gotten slowly hooked on the show, and when the second season wrapped up, I actually yelled at the “To be continued” card that ended the season.

Season two had it’s share of frustrations; namely that Juliette had turned into a whiney, needy, stereotypical girl for most of this season. Sure, there was a reason behind it: the whole coma / curse / amnesia thing. But that whole storyline really felt dragged out. Similarly, the mythology of the keys and Renard’s involvement with his family was sparsely spread throughout the season. Luckily in the last four or five episodes of the season, I feel like we finally started to go somewhere. Plus, you know, zombies. Any show that can introduce zombies in an organic way gets respect from me.

So.... season three. Where are we going to go? When we ended the second season, Nick has been zombified and locked in a coffin. This could go one of two ways: it could be quickly resolved in the season three premiere and the focus returned to the Eric-Adalind-Royals axis of evil; or Nick could be shipped off to Europe and the mythology could continue in that direction. 

I like option #2 better. I don’t believe that the zombification is incurable like Rosalee says. Surely the Baron can cure it at any point if he wants. But Nick, being our hero, has not really faced any true danger. He is the almost annoyingly-perfect leading man, who can best any attacker, be the perfect boyfriend, and never leave a case unsolved. I want to see him get a little un-perfect, even if it is while he is in an altered state.

Now I suppose the other main questions are: what is so valuable about Adalind’s baby, and what is so valuable about the keys? I suppose the royal baby could be good as blackmail or as a way into the royal family. I think there have been various “rumors” in the show about where the keys lead: immeasurable wealth, eternal youth, etc. So it can’t be anything like that. I’m going to go with... it is something that would grant the finder uncontested rule over the land or something along those lines. Power is usually the one thing that people will do anything to protect.