TV Autopsy: We Rip Into 'Teen Wolf' Season Two


Bravo, Teen Wolf. You have grown up; you can now be Man Wolf.

Okay, crappy puns aside, season two of Teen Wolf was great. Season one was, “Hey, this isn’t as bad as it sounded!” Season two was, “This is legitimately engrossing TV.” The characters went beyond puppy dog high school nonsense to real, actual people. People faced with dilemmas beyond “does the cute boy know I’m alive?” and “OMG the popular girls are looking in my direction.” Everything from vengeance-driven lizard monsters to the loss of a parent.

Gerard was a great villain. By the end of the season he was cartoonishly evil, but because of the gradual build up towards this state throughout the season, it didn’t seem lazy or out of place. It just seemed fun. The rest of the new characters they added were a mixed bag. Isaac started out as interesting, but by the third episode or so, he joined Boyd and Erica in obscurity (which is where those two began). Matt was great. He starts out as a potential new love interest, but then turns into a creepy psychotic. I would have liked a few more episodes of him being dangerously crazy, but the show gains points for his ruthless murder at the hands of a human being.

My biggest complaint was the way the season ended. As much as I like the character Jackson, and despite the fun I have interviewing actor Colton Haynes at press events, the story would have been better served had Jackson been killed off. He goes through multiple iterations of the kanima beast before somehow, inexplicably, ending up as a werewolf. It felt like a cop out; like an ending that was tacked on after they discovered Teen Wolf was getting a third season.

So where does Teen Wolf go in season three? Of course, we have the new pack of alphas in town.  I assume we will learn about the vet and the guidance counselor’s backgrounds. I want to see Alison go off the rebellious teen deep-end, and hopefully they will explore Lydia’s immunity to werewolfism - and Jackson’s sudden werewolfism.