TV Recap: '666 Park Avenue' Episode 102 - 'Murmurations'



666 Park Ave. Episode 102
Written By: David Wilcox
Directed By: Robert Duncan McNeil

In This Episode...

Jane is surprised when Tony tells her that John Barlow moved out suddenly. While doing a routine check of his apartment, she hears a scratching noise coming from the wall. She peels back the torn wallpaper, chips away some weakened drywall, and out flies a whole flock of birds. Despite an eerie warning from Nona to “leave the birds alone,” Jane calls an exterminator. An old ventilation shaft appears to have been home to the starlings for dozens of years. The exterminator assures her he can take care of it and sets about tearing down the false concrete wall in the basement - Jane is certain they can reach the ventilation shaft behind that wall. Later that night, on his way home, the exterminator is attacked by the same flock of birds. In a panic to escape he runs into the street and is hit by a taxi.

Jane has another waking dream thingie where she goes to the basement to collect the laundry. While down there, the mystery door is available, and she steps through it into an apartment from the 1950s. A record plays, and a man lays on the floor, dead. Jane wakes in her bed... but the once-empty laundry basket is now full. The next day, Jane comes home from errands and discovers a news clipping slipped under her door. The clipping is about the murder of Edward Paxton at the Drake in 1956, the man that Jane saw in her “dream.”

The Durands have a cocktail party, at which Gavin tells Henry about an upcoming real estate development he was looking in to. The next day at work, Henry discovers that the plot of land next to Gavin’s planned  development is toxic, making Gavin’s land virtually worthless. He agonizes over telling Gavin the confidential information, but keeps it to himself. When news hits about the toxic land, Gavin knows Henry would have know and confronts him. Rather than being angry, Gavin admires Henry’s integrity. He then tells Olivia that Gavin passed his test and that Henry would be a “hero.” Next Gavin runs into Jane and tells her to clean up the mess in the basement, and not to call another exterminator - the Drake is the birds’ home, too. So Jane goes downstairs but can’t resist peeking behind the false wall. She opens the door, moves inside... and the door slams shut.

Dig It or Bury It?

The bloom may be off this rose. I was not nearly as engaged in this episode as I was with the pilot. It felt more sedate, certainly less violent, and I still hate Jane and Henry.

Meet the Neighbors

Danielle is an attractive 40-something who seems to be perpetually alone. Her date stands her up for dinner, but Gavin just happens to be having drinks in the restaurant with a business acquaintance, Frank Alpern, of the Alpern development. Danielle and Frank go on a date that goes very well, and they end up in her bed. In the middle of the night, he dresses to leave. Danielle begs him to stay, and he reveals he is married and has to get home. Danielle freaks out, and Gavin comes in, discovering Frank dead and Danielle wielding a bloody knife. He comforts her, and we discover that Edward was her husband in 1956 and he died at her hand - as did a half-dozen other lovers. When we see her reflection in the mirror, she is old and craggled. Gavin assures her to get some rest, she will be a new woman in the morning. Sure enough, she wakes and has no recollection of the night before. She is sunny and cheery.


Henry casually makes mention of his hopes of a promotion in front of Gavin, and Jane is still stuck in the basement.