TV Recap: '666 Park Avenue' Episode 103 - 'The Dead Don't Stay Dead'



666 Park Avenue Episode 103
“The Dead Don’t Stay Dead”
Written By: Matt Miller
Directed By: Alex Zakrzewski
Original Airdate: 14 October 2012

In This Episode...

Jane is still locked in that secret basement room, so she starts to look around. There is an enormous collection of dusty, evil dolls... and a little girl. Jane investigates closer and finds nothing - but a hand grabs her ankle. She screams, and Henry magically rescues her. Jane realizes that the Drake went through a remodel in the 1950s - those are the blueprints she has been studying. So she visits Gavin to ask for the original blueprints. He promises to look for them if she does a favor for him: spend some time with Olivia. Today is the 10th anniversary of their daughter, Sasha’s, death, and she can get a little destructive.

The ladies bond over lunch. Olivia has too much to drink and drives home recklessly. She guns her Porsche to 100mph and nearly slams them into a concrete wall before swerving away. She finally admits that Sasha, who died in a car accident at that very spot, had killed herself. Olivia found the suicide note and didn’t tell anyone. The night before Sasha and Gavin had a huge fight. and Olivia didn’t want Gavin to blame himself for her suicide. Later, Olivia takes the suicide note and looks out over the river, on a bench that was placed in Sasha’s honor. She lights the note on fire, and as it floats to the ground, we see two important (if obvious) words: “He’s evil.” Speaking of evil, the same little ghost girl who Jane thinks she saw in the basement greets her in the hallway and begs her, “Don’t let him out.” And then she is gone.

Gavin and Henry are getting very chummy. They go to Gavin’s club for racquetball and lunch, at which point Gavin encourages Henry to be more ambitious. When he says he wants to be chief of staff for councilman Phil Edwards because he thinks Edwards will be the next mayor, Gavin pushes him to chat with Edwards when they see him at lunch. After a rocky start, Henry ingratiates himself with Edwards and the job is as good as his. Later, Edwards meets Gavin in his office, looking for his “compensation” for hiring Gavin’s “boy.” Gavin informs him that his “boy” is his compensation. Gavin wants in on a land development deal that Edwards promised to someone else. When it is time for Edwards to leave, the elevator doors open, but there is no car waiting. Gavin gives him a push, and Edwards tumbles down the shaft until the blue light swallows him up. Later on, Gavin tells Henry that he shouldn’t aspire to be chief of staff; he should aspire to be mayor.

Jane is trying to fall asleep after a night of clubbing with Henry, Brian, Louise, and surprise guest Alexis. She hears a tinkling noise and naturally heads into the secret basement room that held her trapped less than 24 hours before. Inside the secret room, she find an old wicker suitcase with a tiny bell on the handle. It makes the same tinkling noise she heard. She can’t undo the clasps, so she takes it upstairs, leaves it in the doorway of the bedroom, and goes to bed. We see hands pressing against the side of the suitcase, desperate for freedom.

Dig It or Bury It?

This one had a lot of horror elements. Granted, they were all cliches (little girl ghost) or stolen directly from other films (the bleeding wall from The Amityville Horror; the basket with the “monster” from Basketcase) but it’s pretty good for an ABC property. I still hate Jane and Henry, but it looks like Henry is starting to move towards the dark side, so he may be less hatable in the coming weeks.

Meet the Neighbors

Annie is an aspiring journalist who is stuck on the obituaries desk. She happens to mention to Gavin that she would give anything to get a real assignment. He encourages her to use her creativity, so that night, while working on an obit for a normal man named Oscar Diebold, she makes up a fantastic story about how he was a Cold War spy who infiltrated the KGB. This becomes fact and the news reports it as such. Her editor is impressed and asks her to do a feature-length piece on Diebold and his “arch nemesis” Kandinsky. So she sits down and creates a terrifying vision of the evil spy Kandinsky, describing his scarred face and bag of torture tools. Kandinsky becomes real and attacks Annie in her apartment, using those very tools of torture on her.


Basketcase is trying to break free; Henry begins an investigation into Gavin; and Kandinsky is still around and being a badass.