TV Recap: '666 Park Avenue' Episode 104 - 'Hero Complex'



666 Park Avenue Episode 104
“Hero Complex”
Written By: Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain
Directed By: John Behring
Original Airdate: 21 October 2012

In This Episode...

Gavin is under investigation by the city for whatever they call insider trading for land development deals. The ADA and Commissioner Pike bring Henry in for questioning, accusing him of slipping insider information to Gavin. He is given an ultimatum: get evidence to help them convict Gavin, or Henry will be indicted. Henry picks door #1, breaks into Gavin’s office, and copies documents relating to his next land deal. He also takes a file that is marked with his and Jane’s names. Olivia comes home unexpectedly and Henry has to make a less-than-daring escape down the fire escape. He leaves the cap to the USB drive on Gavin’s spotless desk.

Annie escapes from Kandinsky’s bondage after selling out her editor as the source for her article.  Rather than call the police, Annie goes to her editor’s home in hopes of beating Kandinsky there and warning him. She is too late. Next she goes to Gavin and alerts him to what is going on. He tells her that if she writes an article about Commissioner Pike’s corruption and involvement with the mob, then he will make sure she never sees Kandinsky again. She agrees. After submitting the article, one of her coworkers congratulates her on the piece and comments on how Pike is probably in the mob’s crosshairs. Realizing what she has done, she rushes to a big party at the mayor’s house.

Henry and Jane are on their way to party at the mayor’s house. Nona rides down the elevator with them. She brushes against Henry and gets a vision of him being in danger of being shot by the man with the compass tattoo. At the party, Gavin returns the USB cap to Henry - he knows. Olivia later confronts Henry, calling him a traitor, and Henry has to tell Jane everything. She encourages him to, essentially, listen to his conscience. When Pike pulls him aside, Henry admits to having the requested files, but he refuses to turn them over - he didn’t look at them, either. Pike is infuriated and fires Henry. Cell phones all over the place go off - a news alert has gone off with Annie’s article. Henry realizes he made the right call. Kandinsky charges through the crowd, bumping into Jane, who sees the compass tattoo on his wrist. She shouts out to Henry in terror. Kandinsky shoots, Henry tackles Pike to the floor, and when the dust settles, Annie is left dead.

But wait! Actual supernatural stuff happened, too. Just a little bit. Jane is desperately trying to crack open Basketcase. When she isn’t looking, the dials on the combination locks turn on their own. Jane is visited by the little girl ghost and scared into stuffing the suitcase into the closet. While Henry and Jane are at the party, Tony walks by the apartment and gets a funny feeling. He enters their apartment, goes straight to the closet, and takes out the Basketcase. He opens it, and thick black smoke pours out. In a blink, Tony is back in the hallway, unsure if what happened was real or a vision. It was real: later that night, after Jane and Henry are asleep, the smoke monster swirls around the foot of the bed, and takes human form.

Also, Jane finds out that Nona is the building thief, but connects to her and promises not to tell if she gives all the loot back.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a perfectly bland, perfectly forgettable episode.

Meet the Neighbors

We meet Nona’s grandmother - kind of. She is essentially comatose, unable to talk to walk or blink, sitting in a wheelchair, staring out the window. Nona sees a shrink who comes to her home (and is likely court-ordered.) Her parents died in an accident over a year ago.


The residents of the Drake are trapped in the building, and the smoke monster seems to be stalking them all.