TV Recap: '666 Park Avenue' Episode 106 - 'Diabolic'


666 Park Ave. Episode 106

Written By: Christopher Hollier
Directed By: Allison Liddi Brown
Original Airdate: 4 November 2012

In This Episode...

Gavin enlists the help of Dr. Evans to draw blood from Olivia to make sure her fainting spell was nothing more serious than too much alcohol. He does, and as per Gavin’s wishes, does not tell Olivia that chloroform was in her system. Olivia is met at lunch one day by a man named Victor Shaw, who hints that Gavin might not be the man she thinks he is, and suggests Olivia get her own blood test. She does, discovers the chloroform, and confronts Gavin about it. He admits everything: that she was knocked out by a lunatic who was terrorizing the Drake. He didn’t want to worry her, but someone broke into the safe. The other safe. Olivia is instantly worried that they are not safe. Gavin assures her he will take care of it, and shows her a picture of the man who is behind the safe theft. Victor Shaw.

It doesn’t take much for Gavin to discover that Sam, his long-time attorney, was Shaw’s inside man on this. Sam was purely in it for the money, but Gavin is not happy. Sam gets on the elevator. The lights flicker and the elevator suddenly drops. It comes to rest on the fifth floor. Sam is all too eager to get out, but he can’t. Every way he turns, the hallway stretches out to infinity. Sam literally goes mad trying to get out, and when he can’t, he attempts suicide. Gavin shows up to “free him” just before he hangs himself. Gavin meets with Shaw, not to exchange $10 million for the stolen box, but to warn Shaw that he won’t be intimidated, and he won’t let anything happen to his wife. He leaves behind a gift, a big blue box wrapped with silver ribbon. But it is not money inside; it is Sam’s decapitated head.

Jane walks a couple of detectives through her Halloween hell. There are no clues, no evidence. The dumbwaiter that Jane hid in had obviously not been used in decades. The detectives try not to say it outright, but they think she may be a little crazy. When Henry stops by the precinct to check on the status of the case, they tell him as much. Detective Connor comes by the Drake to visit Jane one more time. They traced the phone call she made back to the phone of a guy named Leo, whose girlfriend reported him missing. This is the guy in the devil costume that Jane saw murdered. Jane finally opens up to Connor about Kramer, and about how a ghost tried to kill her. He tries to keep an open mind

Jane is severely shaken by this whole experience and has started looking for apartments in Brooklyn. Henry loves her, but he is starting to wonder if she needs a little “professional help.” She wants to move. Henry loves living in the Drake, but he loves her more, and will move to Brooklyn or Queens or wherever she wants to go. She wants to go back home to Indiana, and seems pretty prepared to go with or without him. Henry needs time to think. When left alone, Jane notices that one of the men in the archival photo of the Drake is none other than Kramer. She also realizes that Kramer’s daughter, Jocelyn, was her grandmother.

Dig It or Bury It?

Is it wrong that, as soon as Gavin appeared in the lobby with the big blue ribbon, I just wanted to scream, “What’s in the box??” (Seven.) Of course, I was right and the box did contain a head. Having Henry and Jane fighting makes their characters way less obnoxious. Favorite part? The Hallway of Doom.

Meet the Neighbors

We get a little more on Dr. Evans this week. He is the one drawing blood from Olivia. As a thank you, Gavin offers him a loan. Evans takes him up on $50,000 to pay off student loans, but it isn’t really for loans - it was for his horrible addiction to gambling on the ponies. Gavin finds this out and magically etches the loan number onto Evans’s chest. Gavin will turn the other way, but he must be his doctor, on call, at all times. One of those times is when Kandinsky is brought to the ER after being stabbed in prison. Gavin calls and assures Evans he doesn’t want him to kill Kandinsky - he just wanted Evans to turn a blind eye when Kandinsky tries to escape.


Henry proposes; Brian and Alexis give in to carnal temptations