TV Recap: 'American Horror Story: Asylum' Episode 211 - 'Spilt Milk'



american horror story: asylumAmerican Horror Story: Asylum Episode 211
“Spilt Milk”
Written By: Brad Falchuk
Directed By: Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Original Airdate: 9 January 2012

In This Episode...

Kit is released from solitary so he can spend time with Grace and the baby (she names him Thomas.) Thredson insists that he is fully supportive of a strong, loving family unit. Unfortunately, the monsignor does not feel the same, and brings in a few nuns to remove Thomas to an orphanage. The nuns have to physically wrest the child away. Thredson swears to Kit that if he turns over the tapes, he will make sure that he, Grace, and Thomas can be a family again. Thredson offers to shift the blame for Bloody Face to Arden. Kit doesn’t know where Lana hid the tape, but he sees her out of the corner of his eye, shaking her head not to believe him, and Kit says he will see what he can do.

True to her word, Mother Claudia comes to Briarcliff to free Lana. She essentially smuggles her out, along with Lana’s medical files, so she has proof of what happened in Briarcliff. Lana takes the tapes, hidden in a sack of flour, and slips away into a waiting cab. Thredson, having just finished his conversation with Kit, arrives just in time to see Lana pull away. She presses the tape and a middle finger to the window as she leaves.

Thredson goes home to find Lana sitting patiently in the dark, waiting for him. She is clean and freshly groomed, and has a gun pointed at him. The tapes are with the police, and they are on their way. Before the cops get there, they have to have the prerequisite expositional/stalling for time conversation. Lana wants to know what he did to Wendy (she was the only one kept in one piece so Thredson could practice having set with her corpse. He couldn’t get it up until he turned her over. It was practice for Lana); where her body is (cut up into pieces and scattered along the Eastern seaboard and/or in scattered ashes.) Thredson wants to know if Lana will get rid of the baby once he is in prison. She will, and he has no use for her anymore. He wants to make her his last victim as the sirens close in on his apartment. He reaches for his gun on the bar, but Lana is quicker and shoots him once through the head.

At Wendy’s mausoleum (Lana needed a place to visit) she informs her other sapphic friends that she has a few things she needs to take care of, then she is moving to New York. One of the women refers Lana to a doctor who will abort her baby. But as the procedure is getting underway, Lana changes her mind. “No more death.”

Next, Lana is with the police. Judging by her belly, it is about four or five months later. She convinces the detectives to get a court order so that they can go see Jude - whom Briarcliff won’t allow visitors - and get her to corroborate Lana’s story. Upon arrival, the monsignor informs them that Jude killed herself a few weeks ago, and proffers the death certificate as proof. In reality, the monsignor has Jude locked away in solitary, where she has been since causing a ruckus and refusing her meds.

With Thredson dead and the Bloody Face case closed, Kit is freed. But he wants the monsignor to free Grace as well, and help them get their baby back. In exchange, he will walk away. He won’t talk to anyone about Briarcliff; he will forget all about it. The monsignor agrees, and Kit, Grace and the baby go home to his house. He is startled by a noise inside the long abandoned house, and discovers Alma in the bedroom, her own baby in her arms.

Speaking of babies, Lana has had hers. She is upset when the nurse brings him into her - she specifically told them that she did not want to see the baby. The baby has been crying for hours and is allergic to formula. Lana finally relents and agrees to breastfeed the baby.

Dig It or Bury It?

I feel like the story is really being propelled forward here. We are finally moving beyond the walls of Briarcliff. It was starting to feel like the story was going in circles in there, and there is a lot more story left to be told outside of the asylum. I think that, outside the asylum, Grace may actually be insane, and turn violent. And I am still not 100% certain that Johnny is Thredson and Lana’s kid. He may actually be Grace and Kit’s kid.  

Bloody Face

Johnny has some serious mommy issues. He hires a lactating hooker and breastfeeds off her. Taking a smoke break, Johnny starts complaining about how cold and hateful his mother was. He becomes agitated and attacks the hooker.


Lana comes into the present day, when Johnny decides to go meet his mommy at a book signing. And Kit takes issue with the fact that Lana is more interested in her career than bringing down Briarcliff.