TV Recap: 'American Horror Story: Coven' Episode 302 - 'Boy Parts'



american horror story covenAmerican Horror Story Episode 302
“Boy Parts”
Written By: Tim Minear
Directed By: Michael Rymer
Original Airdate: 16 October 2013

In This Episode...

Cordelia wakes the girls for morning gathering, and insists Fiona join them. Morning gathering, as far as I can tell, is basically like an AA meeting. The festivities are interrupted by homicide detectives who want to talk to Zoe and Madison about the frat party. The girls were the last ones seen with the frat brothers, and the detectives suspect the girls messed with the bus. Of course, they have no proof, but they do have a photo of Zoe leaving the hospital around the same time that that one frat boy died... in a remarkably similar fashion as her boyfriend Charlie. Zoe loses it, hysterically admitting to everything, including that it was all done with witchcraft. This makes Cordelia’s explanation of a psychological break completely plausible. Fiona comes in and forces the detectives to drink her spit-tainted glasses of water, which is apparently the witchy version of vampire compulsion. She instructs the cops to forget about all of this and sends them on their way. This does not mean the girls are off the hook: Fiona schools them with a force-throw across the room, insists that they learn to close ranks around each other, and that the only thing Zoe has to fear is Fiona.

Madison seems to take this to heart and realizes she never thanked Zoe for taking revenge against the gang rape ringleader. But her sort of appreciation is shown by taking Zoe to break into the city morgue and resurrecting Kyle with a spell she found in Cordelia’s room. Because his death ended in an explosion, Kyle and all his frat brothers ended up in pieces, and Madison decides to build a better boyfriend by attaching the best arms and legs and torso to Kyle’s head. (Because the frat boys magically blew apart at the hips, shoulders, and neck - and nowhere else.) So the girls play Dr. Frankenstein and do their spell - but nothing happens. Madison heads out to the car while Zoe hangs back to “find her cell phone.” She actually just wanted to say a final goodbye to Kyle. In the parking lot Madison sees the coroner drive up and she bails without Zoe. The coroner goes inside and sees what looks like a Satanic ritual - and Zoe cowering in a corner. Kyle sits up, grunting and thrashing like a cross between Frankenstein’s monster and the Incredible Hulk, and kills the coroner. After dragging the coroner to the alley and taking his car keys, Zoe and Kyle get in the car. There is another surprise awaiting them: Misty. After scaring the hell out of Zoe, she directs them to her swamp shack where she sets about healing Kyle. It takes her awhile, but Zoe finally recognizes her as the witch that was supposedly burned at the stake. Misty is pleased to have finally found someone else with powers like hers, and that she is not alone. Zoe has to get back to school, but Misty says that Kyle can stay with her, and she will help heal him. It also seems pretty clear that Misty wants to hold Kyle to ensure that Zoe comes back to visit.

Fiona brings fried chicken to Madame Lalaurie, though she doesn’t need to eat and she isn’t hungry. After discovering that she had been buried for 180 years, she finally realizes what Marie Laveau did to her. Through flashback, we see Lalaurie wake, surrounded by the slaves she had tortured, led by Marie. Lalaurie laughs at them, thinking they failed to poison her, but Marie had other plans for Lalaurie. The potion she drank was not a poison but an immortality potion. Lalaurie turns to see her three daughters and her husband hanged from the eaves of the house. “They suffered greatly, but I have damned you to live forever, alone, sealed in an unmarked grave,” Marie taunts. The slaves move in and seal her in her coffin.

Fiona leaves Lalaurie bound and gagged in her room while she goes out. Nan is trying to study, but the voices in her head are driving her crazy. They are not actually in her head, but in Lalaurie’s head. “You think too loud. It is bothering me. Get out!” Nan yells as she unties Lalaurie and shoves her away. I love that Nan doesn’t think about why this strange, smelly woman is in her home; she just wants her out.

Meanwhile, Fiona went to have her hair done - at a black hairdresser. Marie Laveau, the owner of the establishment, and looking not a day older than she did nearly 200 years ago, shoos her employees away. Marie can smell the witch on Fiona, but they are not friends. “Your kind and my kind have been going after each other for centuries,” Fiona taunts, which is not the best way to get what you want. Marie, descended from Tituba, one of the earliest witches, counters by reminding Fiona that she wouldn’t be a witch if Tituba hadn’t given the gift to the Salem girls, and the thanks she got was enslavement. Fiona wants the secret to immortality, claiming she has something Marie will want. Marie laughs and calls “her boys” to take Fiona out, but Fiona sets the shop wigs alight and Marie calls off her hounds. Fiona vows to return, but for now heads home, finding Lalaurie instead, sitting outside her home, now a historical “house of horrors.” Lalaurie is hoping that Fiona will help find a way to kill her. Fiona will consider it. Back at her home, Marie unchains her minotaur lover. “We have work to do.”

Also: Cordelia and her husband Hank (yeah, I am as surprised as you) are trying to get pregnant but it’s not working. The doctor wants her to undergo IVF. Hank doesn’t know why she doesn’t just use magic to get herself knocked up, but Cordelia doesn’t want to “play god.” According to Hank, she would rather let the doctor play god. This strikes a cord with Cordelia, and they have weird black magic sex with visions of fire and snakes that all disappear after orgasm.

Dig It or Bury It?

I am slightly less impressed with the second episode than I was with the first. In last week’s episode, Zoe wasn’t so whiney. She was quiet, but calm. This week, everything freaked her out. How does she go from cold, calculated murder to crying over the smallest thing. The pigtails certainly didn’t help. Similarly, I do not enjoy Madame Lalaurie as much now that she has been stripped of her evil power. I’m sure she will get it back though.


Lalaurie needs to assimilate - so Fiona makes her a maid. Lalaurie is not happy. Also, Madison seems to be getting involved with a boy, much to the chagrin of his mother (Patti Lupone).