TV Recap: 'American Horror Story: Coven' Episode 304 - 'Fearful Pranks Ensue"


american horror story covenAmerican Horror Story: Coven Episode 304
“Fearful Pranks Ensue”
Written By: Jennifer Salt
Directed By: Michael Uppendahl
Original Airdate: 30 October 2013

In This Episode...

We open in New Orleans, 1961. Cora is proudly telling all the ladies at Marie’s beauty parlor that her son, Henry, is starting his first day at an integrated school. At the same time that Cora is telling her friends that she isn’t scared for Henry, he is being chased down by a truck full of rednecks who believe it is their duty to kill black kids since the law wouldn’t do it. The rednecks lynched Henry, so Marie raises a small army of zombies to tear the rednecks to pieces.

Returning to the present, Spalding is rolling Madison’s body up in a rug while Fiona watches when a crashing from the greenhouse draws her attention. She finds Queenie, badly injured (gored, I think) by the minotaur. She takes Queenie to her room and rouses Cordelia, who mixes up a potion but discovers it is too late. Fiona, after a moment’s hesitation, breathes the life back into Queenie - literally. Lalaurie stands in the corner, watching incredulously, not sure how to process the idea of a black person saving her life. She is still scared of the minotaur, but Fiona promises it won’t return. She has decapitated the beast and sent the bloody head to Marie. Marie does not take this well and sets about a rage-fueled voodoo ritual. You can be assured that the peace agreement Marie and Annalee signed in 1970 is pretty much null by now.

The witches council arrives at the school. Cordelia is nervous and starts rambling about Queenie. They are not here about Queenie. So she starts apologizing for going to see Marie Laveau. They aren’t here for that, either. Fiona comes in and urges her daughter to shut up, and let the council reveal why they are there: they are investigating the disappearance of Madison. Nan, who was alarmed when she stopped hearing her thoughts, reported her missing. All the ladies assure the council that Madison is a bit of a wild child, so it wasn’t strange for her not to come home. No one believes she is dead. 

The council is headed by a woman named Myrtle Snow. (Sounds like a Hunger Games name.) Myrtle was in school with Fiona, and needless to say, they did not get along. Through flashbacks, we see the girls in 1971, where Myrtle believed that, despite the act Fiona put up, she was responsible for killing Annalee so she could rise to supreme. Myrtle’s witch power was something to do with knowing truth from lies, so she knows that Fiona is lying. Spalding - a butler back then - was desperately in love with Fiona. Myrtle knew that Spalding would know the truth and placed a truth-telling spell on his tongue. But Spalding heard Myrtle reveal her plan to another classmate, so later that night he summoned Fiona to the bathroom. He wishes to use his final words on her: “I have always loved you.” With that, he slices out his own tongue so he can’t implicate Fiona.

So anyway, Myrtle calls Spalding in to reveal the truth about who cut out his tongue. He writes down “Myrtle Snow” (technically not a lie, since he believes she pushed him to it) and Myrtle just starts screaming, out of anger and frustration. Cordelia jumps to her mother’s defense, claiming that Madison was not destined to be a supreme: the supremes must be the picture of health, and Madison had a secret heart murmur. This destroys the theory of the case, and Myrtle is out of gas on this one. Cordelia and Fiona go to the bar to celebrate together. Cordelia drinks way too much and goes to the bathroom to vomit. As she is cleaning up in the sink, a dark cloaked figure emerges from one of the stalls and throws a jar of acid in Cordelia’s eyes. As she screams, the cloaked figure glides out of the bathroom.

So remember I mentioned that Marie started a voodoo ritual after receiving the minotaur head? Well that voodoo ritual was another to raise the dead. But this time she raises a lot more than she did for the racists, and they are all descending on the school. Lalaurie recognizes one of them as her daughter.

Meanwhile, Hank is on a “business trip” in Baton Rouge. In reality he is having an affair with a cute, naive woman named Kaylee. They have bed-breaking sex, she makes them burritos and soup from a vending machine - then Hank shoots her in the head with a silencer-equipped gun.

Also: Zoe loses Kyle. She goes to get him some lunch (tuna salad, mixed with arsenic) and when she returns to the bathroom, he is gone. So that’s coming. And Spalding did not dispose of Madison’s body; he kept it to have as a special guest for his tea party. A tea party which he attends wearing a negligee and a bonnet. He chooses a lacy gown for Madison, slumped over in only her undies.

Dig It or Bury It?

So is Hank a werewolf? He had that whole growling thing during sex, and made a few innuendos, like being a “monster” for Halloween. But then he shot Kaylee, which seems a little pointless for a werewolf. Why not just claw her to bits?

Kyle wandered off before Marie did her “raise the dead” spell. But I wonder, will he join her army of the undead? I mean, technically he did die, but he was already resurrected via supernatural means, so does one cancel out the other?

Spalding hosting a tea party is the most disturbing thing I have ever seen on AHS.


The war between the witches heats up and Cordelia is, presumably, hideously disfigured.