TV Recap: 'American Horror Story: Coven' Episode 312 - 'Go to Hell'


American Horror Story: Coven Episode 312
“Go to Hell”
Written By: Jessica Sharzer
Directed By: Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Original Airdate: 22 January 2013

In This Episode…

Queenie summons Legba. She wants him to break the immortality spell that is tied to Delphine and Marie. She reasons that Marie has not been able to keep her end of the contract because Delphine has been torturing her. If Delphine is dead, then Marie can hold up her end of the bargain. Legba actually appreciates this shrewdness.

Delphine has taken a job as a docent at the Lalurie historical home. Well, not so much “taken a job” as knocked the current docent unconscious. Delphine had taken the tour and didn’t like what she saw. The attic wasn’t a torture chamber; it was a place of stern obedience. She didn’t kill 150 slaves; it was more like 62 - Delphine kept immaculate records. Queenie finds Delphine at the museum and tries, once again, to convince her to seek redemption, like volunteering for the Urban League. Delphine is not sorry and does not believe she needs redemption. When she cried at the footage that Queenie showed her, she claims she was crying for the state of the world. Queenie is done with Delphine and she stabs her. The older woman laughs because she still thinks she is immortal. Queenie informs her she is not, and blood gushes over Delphine. These leaves the tortured Marie dead from her injuries, and forced to spend eternity with Legba in hell - which looks an awful lot like Delphine’s “place of stern obedience.”

Cordelia is desperate to regain her sight. In a surprising moment of humility, Fiona gives Cordelia a pep talk, reminding her that the sight hasn’t left. It was always in her, she just needs to find it. The two bond over an elegant jeweled necklace that belonged to Fiona’s mother, and she gives it to Cordelia. She realizes that this is Fiona’s goodbye to her. When Fiona puts the necklace on Cordelia, she sees a bloody tableau: Zoe staked to the wall; Madison with a slit throat; Misty dead atop the piano; Queenie impaled; and Cordelia with a bullet in her head.

Cordelia pays the Axeman a visit in hopes that she can turn him against his lover. Fiona will kill all of them if given half a chance. The Axeman doesn’t want to hear that Fiona is planning on leaving the country in a couple days - and she only has one ticket. Cordelia’s next errand is to the cemetery, with Queenie. Her second sight has helped her find Misty, and the women wrench her from her tomb. Queenie must breathe the life back into her.

Zoe and Kyle return to the coven, much to Myrtle’s chagrin. They were in Florida, living an idyllic life, when a homeless man starts yelling at the pair to give him back his spot in the park. Kyle doesn’t take kindly to this threat and kills the man. Zoe breathes life back into him and drags Kyle back to Louisiana. When she returns, she points out that there is no escaping who she is. Cordelia, Queenie, and Misty return home, and as soon as Misty sees Madison, all hell breaks loose. Apparently being buried alive is one of Misty’s “triggers,” and she beats the hell out of Madison. (She can’t be bothered to waste her magic on her.) Misty is pretty close to winning, but they are interrupted by the Axeman. He comes running after them, drenched in blood. All the witches raise their hands in unison and use their powers to throw him across the house.

Cordelia touches the blood and discovers it belongs to Fiona. She sees what happened: the Axeman confronted Fiona about her escape plan, it is true, she says she doesn’t love him, he sees this as a broken promise and axes her to death. The witches turn their attention to the Axeman and chop him up into Axeman tartare. 

So now, with the supreme dead, they must figure out which girl will be the next supreme. They must all go through the Seven Wonders.

Dig It or Bury It?

It felt like there were a lot of loose ends to be tied up tonight. Yes, lots of characters died. But there were also a lot of lengthy scenes that just felt like they were eating up time until we get to the season finale. In short, a really bland, lifeless episode.


In next week’s season finale, Madison, Zoe, Queenie, and Misty must all go through the Seven Wonders. One will rise to supreme.