TV Recap: 'American Horror Story' Episode 106 - 'Piggy, Piggy'


American Horror Story Episode 106

"Piggy, Piggy"

Written By: Jessica Sharzer

Directed By: Michael Uppendahl

Original Airdate: 9 November 2011

In This Episode...

Violet does some research on the Westfield High shooting. She discovers a dozen were killed when a lone gunman opens fire in the school, and that gunman was Tate. And Tate was killed afterward. Naturally, Violet freaks out and calls for her mom. Instead, she finds Constance, who reveals that they were living in the Harmon's house when "Tate lost his way." She believes the house made him do it, but Tate doesn't realize he is dead - that's why she has been sending him to Ben. Violet starts cutting again, but that doesn't help. She doesn't eat, she doesn't sleep, she barely leaves her room. When she does leave, she meets with Leah to commiserate over their shared horrors. Leah gives her a bottle of pills to help her sleep. At home, Violet sees Tate slinking around the shadows. She follows him into the basement, where she is confronted by all the people who have died in the house - so far: the ginger twins, the nurse, the home invaders, Dr. Montgomery. Violet loses it and runs up to her bedroom. Tate has written "I Love You" on her chalkboard, which is the last straw. Violet takes one of Leah's pills. Then another, and another. The whole bottle. When next we see her, Tate is dragging her down the hall, begging her not to die. He puts her in a cold shower and makes her vomit, then sits, holding her and kissing her. He later promises to leave her alone if that is what she wants. She spoons with him.

Vivien stands firm in wanting Ben out of the house. He must continue to work out of the house until he can afford to rent an office. She relents, but is not happy when he shows up for her amnio test. Constance comes over with a morning sickness cure for Vivien: offal. Moira cooks it up for her, and Vivien is surprised to find the sweetbreads not too bad. It makes Constance's next offering slightly more palatable: raw calf's brain. Vivien eats the entire serving, nearly licking the bowl clean. She obviously feels better, for she tracks down Angela, the nurse who fainted after seeing Vivien's ultrasound on Halloween. Angela agrees to meet her in a church, but won't get too close. She claims that what she saw in that ultrasound was "a beast with hooves, an unclean thing, a plague on nations."

Ben has a new patient this week, Derek. Derek is severely phobic of urban legends like Bloody Mary and Candyman. It has gotten to the point where he must cover all his mirrors and sleep with a nightlight on - when he can sleep. His current obsession is with the Piggy Man. Legend has it that a pig butcher in Chicago made a mask from the face of one of his hogs, and would wear it when picking out a hog for slaughter, while snorting and oinking. One day, he slipped, and the pigs devoured him. After that, rumor has it that the butcher's customers started showing up, hanging from meathooks like pigs, waiting for the butcher to come and slaughter them. Like all these urban legends, supposedly if you say, "Here, piggy piggy piggy" in the mirror three times, the butcher appears in his hog mask and kills you. Ben works with Derek by taking him into his own bathroom, leaving Derek in the dark (with a flashlight), and having him call for the piggy. He does, and is confronted by a burglar hiding in the shower, who shoots Derek in the head. The burglar's partner in crime comes in, mad that they just went from thieves to murderers. I am still not sure if this was a dream sequence, a hallucination, or if the Harmon house was invaded again. 

Dig It or Bury It?

I was right. After last week's Halloween episode, you just can't keep up with that manic pace. This one felt a little quieter, a little calmer - but no less disturbing or entertaining. I am thinking that Violet didn't survive her overdose. She may very well be a ghost, existing on the same plane as Tate. What do you think: alive? Dead? Living dead girl?

Constance Harm

Constance was on her best behavior tonight. Sure, she brought offal for Vivien to eat, but she did it out of genuine kindness. We were introduced tonight to Billie, Constance's medium (played by Sarah Paulson, who you may remember as a ghost on another American horror TV story, American Gothic). Constance asks Billie to give Adelaide a message:  Constance is sorry because most of the time she was overwhelmed as a single parent and Addy was a handful. But she is proud of her and admires her for what she has overcome. Adelaide's response comes through Billie: she knows, all is forgiven... and thank you for not getting her onto the lawn in time. She is afraid of Tate and doesn't want to be with him.

Full Disclosure

Tate's school rampage took place in 1994. He shoots up the rest of the school in what sounded like a typical massacre. The viewer is locked in the library with the five kids we met in the Halloween episode. The kids barricade the door; Tate shoots through. Interestingly, when he makes it into the library, he takes his time, calmly stalking each kid until they are lined up in his sight and he can blast them away.

Somehow, Tate makes it home before the authorities catch up with him. S.W.A.T charges the house and find Tate sitting on his bed, calmly waiting for them (I think it is the same room Violet is in). They aim their laser-sights on Tate as he stands and puts his hands in the air. Instead of going quietly, he makes a move for a gun on his bed, and takes a hail of bullets. Suicide by cop.


An open house finally yields an offer, one which Moira encourages and Constance and Larry do not.