TV Recap: 'American Horror Story' Episode 107 - 'Open House'


American Horror Story Episode 107

"Open House"

Written By: Brad Falchuk

Directed By: Tim Hunter

Original Airdate: 16 November 2011

In This Episode...

Vivien has her first potential home buyer, Joe Escandarian. Against Marcy's advice, Vivien discloses to Joe that the last owners were brutally murdered - he is not bothered by this. Like Ben, Joe sees young Moira. Her impromptu blowjob in Violet's room all but clinches the deal. Constance goes to see Joe, checking up on his intentions. They are not honorable, and he reveals that the house will be torn down in favor of an apartment complex. Constance shares this news with Moira, who doesn't believe it at first. "He was going to build me a pool," elder Moira pouts. She agrees to join forces with Constance to save their beloved house. Young Moira lures Joe back to the house late one night and takes him down in the basement. He wastes no time dropping his pants, and she wastes no time giving him head. Moira bites off Joe's penis, and while he is screaming, Larry sneaks up from behind, puts a bag over his head, and suffocates him nearly to death. Constance, observing from the doorway, reminds Larry not to fully kill Joe until they are off the property - she doesn't want to risk running into him ever again.

Violet hears noises coming from the attic; naturally, she investigates. A noise in the darkness scares her, but Tate appears to comfort her. He explains that she is beginning to see the ghosts because she has "evolved" but if she tells them to go away, they will. She tries this theory when one of the nurse victims shows up - it works. Violet found a box of Charles and Nora's photographs, and ponders them. When Vivien checks on her depressed daughter, she shows her mom the photos, and Vivien is taken aback when she realized that she has seen, met, interacted with Nora.

Also: Larry also pops in on the open house. Marcy pulls a gun on him - until he threatens a lawsuit for discrimination; then she backs off. Ben visits Larry later to warn him to stay away from his family. Since Violet has accepted Tate back into her life, he seems a much calmer, happier boy - at least in his sessions with Ben. And Vivien finds out that she is having twins.

Dig It or Bury It?

I really, really like American Horror Story. It is dark, it is graphic, it is well-acted. But I worry that the episodes are starting to blur together. They are starting to feel the same. Tonight's episode didn't really seem to further the plot. We learned that Larry wasn't actually homicidal, and we learned about another of Constance's children (three down, two to go). Other than that, it was an hour's worth of creepy noises, ghostly flashbacks, and tense emotions. An enjoyable hour, but one that, for the most part, didn't go anywhere.

Full Disclosure

The year: 1994. Constance is living in the house. She is informed that she is about to be charged with criminal neglect and child endangerment. Pre-burn Larry declares his love for her; she wants him to prove it. The two go upstairs, into the attic, where Beau lives. Another one of Constance's monstrous children, Beau is hideously deformed, something of a mix between Kenneth Branagh's Frankenstein, David Lynch's The Elephant Man, and the kid from Mask. He is more animal than human - probably because he is left chained on a lead in the attic like a dog and only given a rubber ball to play with. Constance says her goodbyes, and Larry smothers him.

We also learn even more about Nora and Charles Montgomery. Their child, Thaddeus, was kidnapped and dismembered, his pieces delivered back to the parents. Rather than have a funeral for him, Charles sewed him back together and gave him the still-beating heart of one of the babies he aborted. Nora, beside herself with grief, cannot wait to re-meet her son - until she goes into the nursery and lays eyes on the monster (I can only assume; we never see the little bastard). Nora goes downstairs and tells Charles she is proud that he finally accomplished something. Of course, she had to kill that abomination with a letter opener. But she embraces Charles lovingly - then pulls a revolver from behind her back and shoots her husband in the temple. As he slumps to the floor, she blows her own brains out.

Finally, we learn what really happened to Larry and his family. He told Lorraine, his wife, that he was in love with Constance and wanted her and their daughters to leave so he could move Constance in to (what is now) the Harmon house. Horrified, Lorraine goes upstairs, locks herself and her daughters in a room, and sets it on fire.


Ben thinks Vivien is having hallucinations. Tate and Violet have sex. The Rubber Man returns - and he might be Chad.