TV Recap: 'American Horror Story' Episode 310 - 'The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks'


american horror story stevie nicksAmerican Horror Story Episode 310
“The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks”
Written By: James Wong
Directed By: Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Original Airdate: 8 January 2013

In This Episode…

Marie is ashamed to show her weakness to Fiona, but her kindness has touched her. “It is a relief to find an equal, even if it comes in the guise of an enemy.” Fiona leaves her to sleep, but in the middle of the night, she is visited by a voodoo priest, Papa Legba. He wants what is coming to him, and won’t take no for an answer. Begrudgingly, Marie heads to the hospital and uses her magic to sneak into the nursery. She steals a baby but is stopped outside by security guards. More magic makes the guards turn and shoot each other in unison. Marie takes the baby back to the house and hides it.

In the morning, Cordelia is having a pity party, blaming herself for Hank. Marie takes the blame and explains that she hired him to kill Fiona and her coven. Fiona is furious, but not with Marie. She slaps Cordelia and blames her for bringing Hank into their life. She feels betrayed. The doorbell interrupts this beating.

There is a guest there to see Misty. Fiona has decided that if Misty is going to be the next supreme, she better start sucking up. So she gets an untrusting Misty from her room and brings her downstairs… to meet Stevie Nicks. Misty faints, and Stevie owes Fiona five bucks - “I told you that would happen.” Madison, Zoe and Nan come home, with no luck finding Queenie, and find Stevie giving an impromptu concert to a dancing Misty. Madison is pissed that Fiona is sucking up to Misty, but Fiona doesn’t care. Misty doesn’t hear any of this - she is too enthralled with Stevie Nicks, who has just draped her in her shawl. The girls go upstairs, where Madison continues to bitch about Misty being the next supreme. Zoe reminds her that she cannot be supreme because she has a heart murmur. But Madison’s little trip through the afterlife fixed that.

Fiona and Marie set about bringing down Hank and Delphi Trust. They put a few mice in a large maze, surrounded by stacks of cash, and chant. Meanwhile at Delphi Trust, the feds have invaded and are in the process of seizing everything. Harrison, Hank’s father, decides it is time to “deal with” the witches. Fiona collapses at the end of the spell, and Marie takes her to her room to rest. She also reveals how she got the gift of eternal youth. She had just come into her prime. Her magic was shockingly strong, and she thought she was the shit. Voodoo priest Papa Legba heard her wishes and she essentially sold her soul to him. As payment, once a year he comes to her asking for a pure, innocent soul. The easiest place to get a pure soul is a newborn baby. And if she really wants to make a deal with Papa, he will come to her.

So naturally, Fiona prays to Papa Legba, and even leaves a few lines of coke for him. Sure enough, he shows up, and agrees to the deal. Ever the business woman, Fiona confirms the exact details of the deal: she won’t age, she won’t die, and she won’t be sick or decrepit. In return, once a year she must do a favor for Papa. His first one might be to kill Cordelia. Fiona is fine with this, so they seal the deal with a kiss. Papa pulls away and says the deal is off: Fiona has no soul.

While the grownups do their dirty deeds at home, the younger witches are out getting into trouble. Madison and Misty are in a second line, and Madison is filling Misty’s head with all sorts of nonsense, that Fiona and Stevie were only being nice to her so that, when she is supreme, they can call in favors. Misty thinks Madison is doing the same, but Madison will prove that she is powerful enough on her own not to need Misty’s magic. At the cemetery, Misty puts a couple gravediggers in a trance so that Madison, using magic, can open the coffin and resurrect the elderly man inside. Misty is impressed. Madison encourages her to be her own witch and bury her Stevie shawl in the coffin. Misty considers it, and hesitantly dangles the shawl over the coffin. Madison uses this as an opportunity to knock Misty into the coffin, snap it shut, and wave the gravediggers out of their trace. They set about sealing Misty up in a tomb while Madison dances away with the shawl.

Nan and Zoe aren’t doing much better. They go to visit Luke in the hospital, but discover he is dead. Nan is desperate to see him so she can resurrect him, but the mortuary already picked him up. The girls pay Joan a visit under the guise of finding out where the funeral will be held. Nan is  not into tactfulness and bluntly asks where Luke’s body is. Joan reveals the urn with his cremains and Nan goes apeshit. She screams at Joan, telling her she has to pay. When Zoe tries to intercede, Nan uses her powers to hold her down at the end of the hall, then forces Joan to drink bleach. Back at home, Zoe is starting to come around to the idea that Nan is the next supreme. That was some pretty powerful mojo. Nan promises she will be a nice supreme, but then wanders off when she hears something. She finds the stolen baby hidden in Marie’s closet, and won’t turn the baby over when Marie charges in. “I killed the neighbor lady; I will kill you,” Nan threatens. Fiona comes in and tells Nan to turn the baby over to Marie or she will make her do it. Nan stomps out and Marie admits to Fiona that this is the baby for Papa. His requests will get worse every year. Fiona won’t get to find out because she has no soul to trade. But she has an idea that might benefit both of them. 

Fiona and Marie work together to drown Nan in the bathtub. Papa arrives but won’t take Nan in exchange for the baby. They want him to “be a sport,” that Nan was “innocent - well, mostly innocent.” Papa is amused by their moxie, and says the two of them together are trouble. He decides to take Nan, who goes willingly - “anywhere is better than here.”

Dig It or Bury It?

Dig it. I love it when AHS takes its time and lets its characters do their thing instead of forcing them into insane situations just to fill time. And I love that Marie and Fiona have teamed up. They are way more fun when they are plotting together.

I am assuming that the Axeman has Fiona’s soul, right? Is it because she is “in love” with him and devoted her soul to him, or did he “trick” it out of her? Either way, what exactly can the Axeman do with it? 


Zoe knows that Nan didn’t “fall” in the bathtub; Marie and Fiona killed her. She rallies the girls to take down the elder witches - something that Fiona is counting on.