TV Recap: 'Bates Motel' Episode 109 - 'Underwater'



bates motelBates Motel Episode 109
Written By: Carlton Cuse & Kerry Ehrin
Directed By: Tucker Gates
Original Airdate: 12 May 2013

In This Episode...

Norma is on edge after discovering Shelby’s corpse. It doesn’t help any that a black car - just like Jake’s - has sloooooowly been driving by the motel, and she received a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a card that simply read “See you soon....” The sheriff’s department is less than concerned, which aggravates Norma further. When she discovers Dylan’s hippie stoners smoking pot on the motel patio, she loses it on them, then announces to Dylan and Norman that they are moving. She marches into her realtor’s office and demands that he put the property back on the market or she will sue. Next she goes home and starts researching “the safest places to live.” Oahu catches her eye.

Norman does not want to move. He likes his new school, is getting straight A’s, and Miss Watson is helping him after school with a short story that they will submit to her friend’s literary magazine. Norman stands up to Mother, and their argument grows more heated, until Norman screams at her that she is crazy. He quickly tries to take it back, but Norma doesn’t want to hear it. Emma comes in at this point, and she is hilariously stoned. (At Norma’s direction, she sternly asked a lone stoner, Gunner, to put out his joint. Gunner did, and clearly has a crush on Emma. He leaves a pot-laced cupcake for her, which she eats.) 

Norma goes back to her realtor, who informs her that she is underwater on her properties. The best he could get her for the property is about half what she paid - he recommends she just walk away from it and let the bank take it. The cherry on top is when she goes back to her car, she has a parking ticket. Norma only has a moment to take this all in before she is grabbed from behind. Jake Abernathy is in her backseat, one hand clamped over her mouth, the other holding a gun to her neck. Jake is owed $150,000 from the sale of the last batch of girls. No one seems to have it, so he assumes the money was in either Keith or Shelby’s possession before they died. He knows Norma has it, and expects her to deliver it to him tomorrow night at midnight. Norma agrees, terrified. Jake leaves her, and Norma finally lets a tear escape.

Also: Bradley runs into Dylan in town and asks him to get her into her dad’s office one last time. He has misgivings, but eventually agrees. Remo catches them sneaking in one night, and against his better judgement, lets them continue on. Bradley digs through her father’s belongings, looking for a pocket watch that has sentimental value to her. Instead, she finds a stack of love letters written to her dad from a woman who signs off with B. Daddy was having an affair.

And Norman has a dream - in which he is drowning Bradley in a bathtub. 

Dig It or Bury It?

I can’t help but wonder... could Norma possibly die in the season finale? There has been a lot of talk about the finale being “mind-blowing” and we all know Norma has to die at some point. It would certainly force Norman’s emotional instability into overdrive. But Vera Farmiga is too fantastic in her role to waste it on only one season. Plus, it looks like Miss Watson is being positioned to be Norman’s new love interest. Can you imagine the insanity and rage that would overtake Norma? She already freaked out when Norman was interested in a girl his own age.

Mother Dearest

In what is possibly the creepiest move (so far) in this show, Norma sleeps with Norman. No, really. After they take care of a stoned Emma, Norma pops into Norman’s room. She is too freaked out to sleep alone in her own room and wants to sleep in Norman’s room. He offers to sleep on the floor, but Norma refuses - they will both fit in the bed. The tiny, narrow single bed. She slides under the covers and reminisces about sleepovers when he was a kid, and he apologizes for calling her crazy. Norma then rolls over and puts her arm around her son, spooning him.

Less creepy is the relationship between Norman and Miss Watson. While working together after school, Miss Watson remarks that Norman is an “old soul,” and she looks at him longingly. There is no way this ends well.


The seconds are ticking down until Norma is to meet Jake Abernathy with his money....