TV Recap: 'Bates Motel' Episode 206 - 'Plunge'


Bates Motel Episode 206
Written By: Kerry Ehrin
Directed By: Ed Bianchi
Original Airdate: 7 April 2014

In This Episode…

Norma, nervous about councilman Berman’s death, goes to see Nick Ford and gently “breaks off” whatever sort of professional relationship the two had. The veiled implication is that Norma believes Nick had something to do with Berman’s death, and wants nothing to do with any of this. He accepts this at face value, but there is an ominous tone in his voice. Later, Christine visits Norma at the motel and convinces her that she should throw her name in the hat for the open council seat. She and her husband are friends with the mayor, and she sends George over to help Norma prepare. (When Norman finds out about this later, he gets very tense. He does not like George; or rather, he doesn’t trust George when it comes to his mother.) The next day, Norma meets with the mayor. She is nervous, but he isn’t interested in her platform. Christine and her husband, and Nick Ford all have great things to say about Norma, and he knows “all I need to know” just based off the company she keeps. “You run with all the right people.” Sure enough, Norma gets the seat.

Dylan is discharged to Jodi, who takes him to her estate, set far off the beaten path. She has a room all set up for him. She runs the weed business her parents started. At first, they were just growing for themselves, but word got out that they had the best stuff, and a business was born. When they died, Jodi took over. She doesn’t like to get her hands (metaphorically) dirty, so she leaves the business side to other people. Jodi prefers to focus on crossbreeding and developing different strains of pot. She realizes she made a mistake putting Zane in charge of things, so she wants Dylan to watch Zane, make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. “Basically run things without letting him know you are running things.” Later that night, she wakes Dylan with a whisper. “Don’t take this personally,” she says before removing her panties and climbing on top of him.

Cody picks up Norman for tech, but Norma needs a word with her. In private. She had found a beer bottle cap in Norman’s pocket and sternly tells Cody she doesn’t want Norman drinking with her. “There are medical reasons he shouldn’t drink. That’s all I’m going to say. Do you understand me?” Cody agrees, and Norma goes to her son. “I’m not going to make a scene today, but this is the last time you go with her,” she warns sternly. Cody decides they should blow off tech today and go hang out at the swimming hole. But first they need to stop by her house and pick up some booze.

This time, Cody allows Norman into the house with her - but only because her dad isn’t home. He comes home unexpectedly (he forgot his “pain meds”) and Cody and Norman hide in the closet until he leaves. While in there, Norman has flashbacks to childhood, when he and his mother hid in the closet from his abusive father. He goes into one of his fugue states, but Cody is able to bring him out of it pretty easily. Norman admits it has been happening more frequently as of late, but assures her he is well enough to go to the swimming hole. 

On the beach, Cody drinks; Norman does not. They start fooling around, and are interrupted by Emma and Gunner, who had a similar idea. Cody insists they can all hang out together, and despite the fact that it is cold, they decide to go swimming. Gunner swings out on a rope swing first. Norman is next; he is a little nervous but goes for it. Not one to be left out, Emma wants to play. With some encouragement from Cody, she removes her oxygen and swings out into the water. The jovial mood of the group quickly turns dour when Emma doesn’t surface immediately. Norman freaks out and jumps in to save her while Gunner runs for her oxygen and some blankets. Norman holds her while he calms her down and warms her in a blanket. Emma cries, angry that she did something so stupid, and Norman turns his anger to Cody, for egging her on. Cody just slinks away.

Before her shift, Emma finds Norman in his basement later on, and thanks him for (potentially) saving her life. He apologizes if he overreacted, but Emma liked that someone was that upset for her. Cody comes into the motel office and offers her apologies for the peer pressure. Emma assures her she wanted to jump. But that is not the only reason Cody is there. She tells Emma about Norman’s blackouts. She promised she wouldn’t tell his mother, but she felt like she needed to tell someone, so she chose Emma, knowing Norman trusts her. “I’m just giving you the info so you can do what you think is right.” Of course, telling Emma is as good as telling Norma, because she calls to tell her about it.

Of course, she calls just before Norman is about to begin his drivers license test. Norma stops before they get going to ask the tester if someone who has had blackouts can get a license. They can’t, and that puts an end to that. Norman, naturally, is furious, and gives Norma the silent treatment most of the ride home. He doesn’t believe that she knows; Norma rats out Cody, and Norman violently forces the car to the side of the road. “I’m not a little boy! You can’t keep me locked up! If I can’t drive, I will walk.” Norma knows it is pointless to fight, so she kisses him on the cheek and he marches down the road.

Rather than going home, Norman goes to see Cody. He is furious. Dad wakes up, furious that his sleep was interrupted, and yells at both kids. Norman stands up to him; dad puts Cody into a headlock; Norman tries to pull her away; dad punches him. Norman’s rage boils over and again attempts to pull Cody away. This time he succeeds - but he also sends her father tumbling down the stairs.

Dig It or Bury It?

Another “middle” episode. Not a lot happened. Just filling time until we get to the last few episodes.

I do find it interesting that, with this season, it seems that Norman’s “problems” are being blamed on his mental illness. First season it really seemed like Norma was responsible, by being inappropriately close to her son and smothering him. But this season, other than being an involved, protective parent, she really seems to be the most stable element in Norman’s life.

Mother Dearest

That said, when Norman hugs Mother after she gets the council seat, they tumble over onto his bed. Norma gets up, and Norman goes in for one final hug, flinging his arms around her waist and resting his head on her bosom.


Looks like Norman will finally get the whole story behind his blackouts and his father’s death