TV Recap: 'Bedlam' Episode 102 - 'Driven'


Bedlam Episode 102


Written By: Neil Jones

Directed By: John Strickland

Original Airdate: 8 October 2011

In This Episode... 

Molly befriends Leah, a new tenant in Bedlam Heights. Leah just escaped an abusive relationship and is looking to start over. Kate has her suspicions about the girl when she runs a credit check and discovers her real name is Kerry - something Leah chalks up to a bureaucratic error. Naturally, Leah isn't telling the whole truth. She has car problems, but Jed can't find anything wrong with it. Tire tracks appear in her kitchen, and her electronics will randomly start playing the same song on their own.

Jed and Ryan borrow Leah's car to check up the address of a former patient who killed himself at the asylum - and is now haunting Jed. On their way home, the GPS leads them off-course, and the two discover a small, aging roadside memorial. Some research reveals a couple of children, killed in a hit and run. With the pieces in place, Jed confronts Leah and she admits she was responsible. After a particularly bad row with her boyfriend, and fearing for her life, she jumped in the car - drunk - and fled. She hit the two children, and thinking that they were fine, sped away. The next day, she saw in the paper that they died, and she was too afraid to come forward. The ghost that Jed sees is seeking revenge for the children because he can't get revenge for the death of his own kids (see below). The only way for Leah to save herself is to turn herself in.

Also: Warren is vehemently opposed to Kate talking to the police, posting up flyers, or in any way assisting in the search for the still-missing Zoe. Jed gets new digital warnings. At first, the pop-up messages on the computer read "Help her you can't go." But at the end of the episode, the pop-ups flash in a different order: "Go you can't help her." Ryan has been seeing an old woman on the grounds, digging through garbage and whatnot, but no one else has seen her.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode was lackluster, mainly because the character of Leah was so unlikable. Not just for the whole drunk driving and killing kids part. She is whiney, given to hysterics, picks pockets at the bar, and blames everything she does on her abusive ex. Kate is also turning out to be a real bitch. She speaks down to Molly and she is a stern taskmaster when it comes to Jed's handyman duties.

It seems a little too obvious that Warren had something to do with Zoe's disappearance. He becomes furious when her name comes up, not wanting his building to be associated with her. I think the viewer is supposed to assume she became a ghost victim; it seems almost too easy to link Warren to her disappearance.

Meet the Ghosts

Mekhi, a family man who was incorrectly committed to the asylum. While he was there, his wife - the one who had the mental illness - asphyxiated herself and their two kids by running the car in a sealed garage. When Mekhi finds this out, he slits his own throat with a straight razor. 

A Haunting We Will Go-Go

The haunting is mainly focused around Leah's car. In the garage, the lights tend to go out on their own. Her car stalls frequently, most notably when she is halfway out of the garage, and the heavy door plummets down. Of course, Jed saves her. In another attack, the seat belt constricts around Leah, nearly choking her to death before she manages to escape. The car fills with carbon monoxide, and the only reason she survives is because Jed saves her - and promptly makes her turn herself in. Also of note are big, black tire marks that appear in a giant X in her parking spot. The marks also show up in her kitchen - the second time along with her dead cat, who appears to have been "run over" - his guts pouring out onto the kitchen floor.


Jed begins a hot affair with a new tenant who, naturally, is next week's haunting target.