TV Recap: 'Bedlam' Episode 103 - 'Inmates'


Bedlam Episode 103


Written By: David Allison

Directed By: Alrick Riley

Original Airdate: 15 October 2011

In This Episode...

This week's new tenant is Sadie, a young woman who sketches. She was just released from a mental hospital, giving her and Jed something to bond over. She is being haunted by muddy handprints on her drawings, her walls, her shower door. In addition, a moldy old box containing a bloody towel keeps appearing. She burns the box, but it comes back. When Sadie takes it into the cemetery to bury it, the dirt tries to suck her in. Jed rescues her, and she finally admits what led to her being institutionalized. She became pregnant by her father's friend (it is not clear if it was consensual sex or rape). Too ashamed to tell anyone, she hid the pregnancy, which frayed her nerves. She gave birth, alone, on her bathroom floor. The baby was stillborn. Sadie wrapped it in a towel and buried it in the garden. Naturally, this haunting is wearing at her still-fragile sanity. Jed encourages her to leave Bedlam Heights, and she agrees. When she tries to, however, she imagines she is being buried alive in the elevator, so she retreats back to her flat. She takes handfuls of antipsychotic drugs - not as a suicide attempt, just a mind-numbing attempt. When she realizes what she has done, she calls Jed. He does not answer at first and she passes out. When Sadie comes to, her phone is ringing - and she is being buried alive for real. When she answers the phone, Jed recognizes the sounds of construction. He races to the renovation area of Bedlam Heights and rescues Sadie.

Ryan finally learns about the old woman he keeps seeing on the grounds. Her name is Grace and she lives in the tunnels beneath Bedlam Heights. A former patient of the asylum, she has lived down there for decades and believes that the asylum has made young girls disappear. Her daughter was one of them; she believes Zoe is another. She trusts Ryan to help her. Ryan brings Jed in to help as well, and as soon as she finds out Jed is Warren's adopted nephew, the pieces fall into place. Jed's biological mother was a "dear friend" of Grace's. She was a patient of the asylum, pregnant when admitted. She died during childbirth and Warren gave the child to his brother and his barren wife. Warren is unapologetic about not telling Jed: "She would have been proud of you. A chip off the old block."

Also: Ryan starts cruising for guys at the clubs, but doesn't tell his friends yet. Kate is having a torrid affair with the married man she met in the gym. That is, until, she goes a little crazy in the bedroom, scratches his chest to mark him as hers, then slaps him across the face. He throws her out immediately.

Dig It or Bury It?

There was something deeply unsatisfying about this episode. I didn't feel like Sadie's story really got resolved. First of all, why was she being haunted? Did she feel like it was her fault the baby was stillborn? Did she think the baby was stillborn, when it actually wasn't? Was it just a general guilt for not revealing her secret? And then what ended up happening to Sadie? Did she go to her mom's? Did she go back to the hospital? Is she still haunted - and if not, what was the resolution for her?

On the other hand, I am pleased that the dark bits of backstory for Jed and Warren and - to a lesser extent - Kate are falling into place. I still have no idea why Kate is such a bitch, but I sense the reason is coming.

Meet the Ghosts

Jed is seeing Elizabeth Smith, a woman who, at age 23, was admitted to the asylum for "moral degradation." In layman's terms, Elizabeth was pregnant out of wedlock; she had no mental disorders. She gave birth in the hospital - and was lobotomized there.

A Haunting We Will Go-Go

The ghosts didn't haunt up much new territory. The muddy handprints were a slightly different version of last week's tire tracks. Elizabeth's ghost sticks Sadie in a box and leaves her to be buried alive, and an invisible force tries to drag Sadie into the earth. Again, the haunting was really dull this week.


The scariest of all ghosts appears next week: a ghost child, haunting a girl that Molly babysits.