TV Recap: 'Bedlam' Episode 104 - 'Hide and Seek'


Bedlam Episode 104

"Hide and Seek"

Written By: Chris Parker

Directed By: John Strickland

Original Airdate: 22 October 2011

In This Episode...

Ella, the little girl that Molly babysits for, is being haunted by a ghost-child named Alice. At first, it is just a ratty old doll showing up, and a ghostly voice wanting to play. But Alice starts luring Ella to follow chalk arrows in an attempt to lead the living girl to her death, allowing Alice to have a friend forever. Things culminate with Ella slipping away, sending dad Rob into a panic. Molly and Jed join in the search for Ella, and Jed finds her upstairs in one of the construction zones. The floor gives out beneath her and she drops - luckily onto some old mattresses below. Jed returns the girl to her father, but Rob is instantly suspicious because he just got out of the looney bin. He insists both Jed and Molly - with whom he had just started a relationship with - stay away from Ella.

As a sign of respect, Jed and Ryan attend Grace's funeral. The only other mourner there is Warren. Jed gets a flash of an old woman being smothered, and starts to believe that Warren killed Grace. When Jed was rescuing Ella, he saw a corpse behind some rubble. He did nothing at the time so as not to scare Ella, but has Ryan meet him back in that room, thinking it was probably Zoe. When the two get back there, the body is gone - no sign of it anywhere. Jed again suspects Warren.

Kate makes another play for Shaun, and he rebuffs her. She gets jealous when she sees him kissing his wife in the gym. She devises a scheme in which she befriends his wife, Maria, takes some photos of her home for interior design inspiration, and texts Shaun with a photo from the bedroom that says "Thanks for last night" and signs it "Charlotte." Then Kate goes on and on to Maria about her string of crappy boyfriends, and says that the last one she caught cheating when she checked his phone. Seeds of doubt firmly planted, Maria checks Shaun's phone and immediately leaves him.

Dig It or Bury It?

I found the ghosty stuff this week to be very rudimentary. Alice has no new tricks up her sleeve. It's always "Follow me;" leaving her old doll around; some childish markings on the walls. She scarcely even appears. Children make for the scariest ghosts, but it is hard to be scared when they are playing their same tricks.

On the other hand, I am really starting to like Kate - mainly because she is turning out to be a crazy, evil bitch. The kind of crazy that makes for great TV characters.

Meet the Ghosts

Alice's mom, Sarah, was a maid at the asylum, and they lived in the servant's quarters. A psychopathic inmate at the asylum escaped, snatched Alice up, and smothered her with a pillow.

A Haunting We Will Go-Go

Aside from the chalk drawings and the sing-songy taunts, Alice leaves her tattered, aged doll in Ella's room - no matter how many times her dad tries to throw it away. To banish Alice, Jed takes the doll and uses it to lure the ghost to the children's cemetery, when Alice was buried. Once there, Alice sees a couple of other ghost children and joins them. The children - and the doll - fade away peacefully.


The family secrets start to come to light when Ryan begins digging into Jed's mother's life and Kate begins digging into her father's dirty deeds.